Saturday, September 8, 2012

Sharpe's Mission Next on Sharpe Sundays: Conflicts Abroad and at Home

Sharpe's Mission 

Wellington continues his advance into France in 1813.  Sharpe has been assigned by Wellington to work behind enemy lines with famous and glamorous officer Colonel Brand.  Exploring Officer Ross knows they need to find and enlist the services of explosives expert Major Pyecroft if they are to fulfill their latest mission to blow up a store of French gunpowder to thwart Calvet. 

Major Pyecroft has been disfigured by an accident and has his own personal issues to deal with.  He’s taken a young Gypsy woman under his protection.  Seems the young woman and her family observed a secret meeting between a double agent and some mystery men and now her life is in danger.

Meanwhile Sharpe has problems of his own at home. Seems Jane has a taste for the glamorous life and she’s becoming bored with life as a soldier’s wife.  

Can Sharpe learn the difference between a poet and a philosopher before he goes on his mission?  Sharpe enlists the special talents of Rifleman Harris to keep an eye on the home front while he’s away.

Is Colonel Brand really a hero? Will poor Pyecroft find happiness? Can Sharpe make Jane happy? Will Sharpe and the Chosen Men save the day once again?

I'm sure many of you recognize Colonel Brand. He is played by then up-and-coming star and now Hollywood villain extraordinaire Mark Strong.

To find out what happens please join us as we watch Sharpe's Mission together for Sharpe Sundays on Tweet Chat this Sunday and future Sundays at 3:00pm US/EST, 8:00pm UK, 9:00pm Continent and other time zones. 

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