Saturday, September 15, 2012

Sharpe's Revenge this Sunday on Sharpe Sundays: The Peninsular War Comes to a Close

Sharpe's Revenge 

Wellington is winning and we’re coming to the end of the Peninsular War.   Sharpe is in a battle with the French forces led by General Calvet.  Who is that man with Calvet?  Sharpe’s enemy Ducos is back guarding Napoleon’s treasure.  What will happen when Sharpe meets Ducos? Who gets Napoleon’s treasure?

In the home front Jane convinces Sharpe to sign off his money to her in case he dies in battle. Sharpe is so in love he goes for it, and even promises Jane this next battle will be his last one. 

Can a man in the midst of war, a lifetime soldier, make such a promise? Jane has also become great friends with the conniving Lady Molly who covets some of Sharpe’s money.  

Poor Sharpe, Jane is still having dreams of being a grand lady back in England after the war.  Can Sharpe fulfill those dreams?

What does Sharpe dream about doing in peacetime?  He dreams about farming. 

Will Sharpe finally defeat Ducos? Why do we love Frederickson? 

What happens to Napoleon?

For the answer to all these questions join Sharpe Sundays this Sunday, September 16, to watch Sharpe's Revenge with fellow fans. We have a lot of fun and would love to have you join us. 

British Army Recruitment Poster

Please join new and longtime Sharpe fans for the Global Sharpe Watch this Sunday, September 16, 3:00pm EST/US, 8:00pm UK, 9:00pm Continent on Tweet Chat.  For all the details and "How To's" go to  Sharpe Lives Movie Club Facebook Page:

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  1. I can now perfectly understand why you answered me: The matter is who loved Sharpe most, and not who Sharpe loved most! Jane seems to be joining pleasure and position! She doesn't aim only Sharpe's heart!

  2. Hi Teiteiforever,

    You'll see tomorrow. Jane is not my favorite for a reason.


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