Sunday, September 30, 2012

Napoleon Meets his Waterloo and Sharpe and Harper: Sharpe's Waterloo

Sharpe's Waterloo 

Napoleon breaks out of exile on Elba and Richard Sharpe is on the march again.  He promised Lucille he wouldn’t fight again, but this is his chance to see Boney for the first time in the battlefield.  What will Lucille do, leave Sharpe or go with him?

Sharpe is off to Belgium to serve as one of the staff to the Prince of Orange. He is soon surprised to be reunited with Patrick Harper, who is there as a civilian, and two of the Chosen Men, Harris and Hagman.

Sharpe thinks the Prince of Orange a young aristocratic fool.  He loses even more respect for the Prince as the fight with Napoleon’s troops begins.  Sharpe is sent to command the defense of a key farmhouse, La Haye Sainte, joined by the Chosen Men and Harper. 

Meanwhile Rossendale is serving in Wellington’s cavalry and he and Jane are also in Belgium. What will Sharpe do to get his money back?
Should Sharpe have returned to battle or stayed on the farm? Will Harper see Boney (Napoleon)? Will Harris and Hagman win the day?  Will “meeting your Waterloo” enter the world’s vocabulary? 

Another promising young actor played a major guest starring role in the Sharpe series. Paul Bettany played a marvelous Prince of Orange:

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Did you know that Bonaparte and Wellington shared two mistresses? 

Giuseppina Grassini was an Italian Opera singer and a singing teacher. In the early 1800's she became Napoleon's mistress and he brought her to Paris to sing in several concerts. Then much, much, later when Wellington was British Ambassador to France she became his mistress as well.

Mademoiselle Georges was a French stage actor.  She became Napoleon's mistress after Grassini but the affair ended after Napoleon became Emperor. Year's later in 1815 while Wellington was in France he also courted Mademoiselle Georges. 

"To sleep with one of Napoleon's mistresses might be considered an accident, but to sleep with two might suggest a pattern of triumphalism."  From the book Napoleon & Wellington by Andrew Roberts


  1. oh, my dear Paulzie Bettany really did have a tragic hairdo in that one :)

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    I think that's why his nickname here was Silly Billy.


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