Friday, November 23, 2012

New Interview with Richard Armitage and Magnificent Photo in Spanish Magazine Accion! My Tweet Chat with Journalist Jesus Usero (En Español Tambien)

Photo: Robert Ascroft:

Richard Armitage fans were deliriously happy today, (morning for me, afternoon and evening for others), to wake up to the news of a wonderful new interview and photo from Accion Magazine.

You can find the information on the interview itself at and at the link below:

I had the great privilege today to have a short chat on Twitter with the journalist who interviewed Armitage for the magazine, Jesus Usero. He's given me his OK to copy what he said below, and I'll follow with a translation (forgive me if I paraphrase a little, and for the lack of accents in Spanish!).

 La entrevista fue en persona o por telefono? :)

 Me imagino que la entrevista esta muy interesante :)

 Genial. Una persona maravillosa y la entrevista fue una delicia. Y no siempre es así. Merece mucho la pena leer la entrevista.
 Estoy loca por leer la entrevista! LOL. Hoy tiene nuevos "fans" :) :)

 Eso espero. Fue una entrevista memorable, te lo aseguro.

I also asked him if the magazine can be ordered outside of Spain, and it can be ordered two ways, through their website or via email:

  Puedes pedirla a través de nuestra web. y a través del email

Translation of the Twitter chat:

I asked him if the interview was in person or via telephone, and Usero said it was via telephone. He's not entirely sure, but he thinks Richard Armitage was in London at the time.

He said : Interview was very friendly, agreeable and that Richard is "a marvelous person and the interview was a delight."  Interviews are not always that way he says. Really is worthwhile to read the interview.

Usero assures us the interview is memorable. 

Usero also interviewed Andy Serkis for this issue of the magazine. If outside of Spain you can order with PayPal at the link below:

To find out more about Accion and read more of Jesus Usero's work go to the link below for Accion Cine:

(I wasn't the only fan that Mr. Usero chatted with on Twitter, so if you haven't seen the news yet, go over there and check it out)

As always, check out for more news on this article and other news coverage of The Hobbit. 

 New Photo reminds me of Dr. Track!


  1. YAY!!! I'm so happy too. It's made my day. Thank You Fabo for this chat with Mr Usero. I'm not very familiar with Twitter. :)

    1. Hi Jonia! Very happy to share :) Wasn't it a fantastic and fun day. That photo of RA!!!!

      Isn't it lovely to hear such wonderful words about RA. Usero is a lovely guy too, has been great to the fans, answering all our questions.

      Jonia - you should join Twitter. It can be fun.

  2. Delirious is the word! Nice chat w Usero, he was very obliging, and that with getting an onslaught of questions! Thanks for this post, it gives some insight that other interviews may be done over the phone.

    1. Good word choice!!!He was easy to chat with, without giving much away about his interview with RA. He actually started by responding to a tweet I sent to El Anillo Unico trying to get more info about the interview. They must all have a round of interviews they have to do with international press.


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