Thursday, November 29, 2012

Two Favorite Interviews from World Premiere of The Hobbit in New Zealand

Love him looking so happy. Love his laugh, I've never seen him laugh and smile so much. 

Below are two of my favorite interviews so far, and both interviewers ask him the "sex symbol" question in different ways. In the video I just love the feedback from Martin Freedman and Andy Serkis about Richard's answer!  

As a shy person myself, I understand why this question makes him uncomfortable (though in my case, I'm in no danger of being called "hot"). Beautiful that in both of these interviews his answers, and the reaction of those around him, also give us a glimpse of his sense of humor. 

Audio Interview - The Hobbit World Premiere - November 28, 2012, New Zealand - click on the link.

 Next Stop on The Hobbit Magical Mystery Tour - JAPAN!

(Sat) Japan Hobbit Festival December 1, 2012! 
On the day we will live in a two-part delivery
Press conference
30 minutes at 11
Premier event
Roppongi Hills Arena 18:00
A (tentative)
Martin Freeman, Richard Armitage, Elijah Wood, Andy Serkis, Peter Jackson

Thanks to Kuropika02 on Twitter.


  1. Dicky was the only dashing person at the red carpet, Blanchett and Evangeline Lilly shocked me with their lack of effort :(

    1. Of course, I couldn't agree with you more about RA. He does look dashing. I know, I thought Blanchett's dress was the most unflattering thing she could have worn. I can't imagine that dress looking good on any woman. She can look so marvelous - doesn't she look in the mirror! I only saw a glimpse of Lilly, so can't really say. More Red Carpet to come!

  2. Dezzy insists on "dicky" - Good thing Dez is so lovable, isn't it Fabo?;D We'll forgive him for not using Richard when referring to our fav actor. Well, my fav not certain whether Sean or Richard hold that position for thespians in your heart:)

    I just watched the interview above - saw part of it a couple days ago but it cut out right before RA was asked about being a "hot dwarf" - The man cannot escape it, no matter how far he travels, or how covered with thick hair his character might be, the heart-throb status sticks. He might as well stop fighting and roll with the public's initial reaction. They soon learn anyway that his beauty is more than skin deep.

    Bit of trivia - my reaction to Cate's dress on the Welly red carpet was "it would be really striking and more complimentary to her slim bodyline, if the mid section was a pastel color rather than stark white." That wide white stripe across her middle seemed to hit viewers in the eye. Believe Ms Blanchett is one of the few fortunate females in the world who chooses dresses with any eye to adding pounds rather than the reverse.

    1. LOL! I know - that's Dezz! Hey, very important that he thought RA looked dashing.

      He can't escape it, but I do understand, as a shy person myself, that accepting a compliment is difficult, and when you're shy you are very self-conscious, and to praise yourself is not in our nature :):) Plus he wants to be taken seriously, as he should and deserves, as an actor. I feel for him when they ask, even if I know he's the hottest "dwarf" in the universe.

      Agree with you about Cate. What a horrible choice! Wonder who designed it? Yes, she's tall, and thin - the world of fashion is open for her, money no object, so why, why, why? LOL

      All of this is so much fun, and we all should be proud of RA!


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