Saturday, December 1, 2012

A Small Tale to Tell at Barnes & Noble

So I took a trip today to my local Barnes & Noble. I've been meaning to go to purchase the two items you see above. However, the bookstore is not on my usual daily circuit and requires a special trip. (Didn't use to be that way, but these days brick and mortar bookstores are rare indeed.) So today, after I tore myself away from Twitter and Hobbit news and ran a few needed errands, I headed to B&N.

My first stop was the magazine area and the Entertainment section. I found Rolling Stone right away and happily picked up my copy. Then I looked for Empire and on the main display I saw only the Gandalf covers. I was a bit sad, and angry at myself for not making the trip to the bookstore sooner.  I picked up Gandalf and continued my bookstore browsing. Somehow something in the back of my mind made me think I had missed something. Empire couldn't have been on the shelf long, since we get it a month later here in the US. And why only Gandalf of the five covers? So I walked back to the magazines and looking all around I spotted, underneath the main display with a bunch of other magazines, a stack of the Empire magazine Hobbit Issue, with Bilbo looking up at me. I started to go through the small stack and my heart leaped when I found three with Thorin on the cover.  

I was so happy that I had followed that little voice in my heart that said "look again". I picked up one of the Thorin cover copies to buy, but I also picked up a second copy. I took that one and put Thorin in front of Gandalf on the main display area.  Mission Accomplished.

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