Friday, July 31, 2020

Audiobook Challenge 2020 - August Audiobook

Listening Books Challenge August Audiobook

An Audiobook from a Series

A surprising announcement that I was lucky to see on Twitter and Facebook yesterday about the surprise release of Jackman & Evans Book (Audiobook) #7 in the series determined my pick for August.

They Disappeared by Joy Ellis

Since this is one of my favorite mystery series I was so happy to see this announcement, since I have been pondering what my choice would be for August. 

Not only a favorite book series but my favorite narrator, Richard Armitage.

Detective fiction and police procedurals are best when you have a great partnership in the main characters, and Jackman and Evans are a great detective partnership.  And one of the pleasures for me of following a book series is getting to know the regular characters slowly, from strangers to friends.  Yes they are fictional characters, but all book lovers know that fictional characters can become very real in our minds and hearts. This is one of the joys of reading (and listening to audiobooks).  

Richard has also optioned books from this Joy Ellis series for his new production company. I wish him well in bringing the TV series based on the books to life. Of course he has to play DI Rowan Jackman.  

TV production is difficult in the best of times, and these are not the best of times in the midst of a pandemic. I know Richard has a tough task ahead of him. 

Doing some fan casting, who would I pick to play Marie Evans with Richard as Jackman?  

I've thought about this since he said he had optioned the books for a TV series.  I'm still thinking, but right now I'm pondering these two (not that anyone will listen to me):

Rachael Stirling

Orla Brady


I'm finishing another Richard Armitage narrated book today:

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