Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Richard Armitage Introduces Us to Ken Follet's New Book


Richard Armitage greeted us today with a lovely video introducing Ken Follet's new book The Evening and The Morning. 

So good to see his handsome face. 

Research by several RA fans found out Richard is not narrating this book.  I wish he was.  But Richard gives us the news that he's working with Follet as a TV/film producer for one of his books, though he doesn't tell us much more.  

Searching on Audible I found that John Lee is the narrator of the book.  Lee is a very good narrator.  I know and enjoy his work, especially Philip Kerr's Bernie Gunther series.

Still,  I would prefer if Richard Armitage was the narrator.  I would certainly buy the audiobook if that was the case.  

So, is Richard producing The Man from St. Petersburg for TV or film?  Or a different Follet book?

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