Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Countdown Day - One Year – 365 Days- Until The Hobbit Premiere! Revisiting Our Journey So Far with Thorin (Richard Armitage)

If you look at the countdown clock on the left sidebar you’ll see that today starts the one year countdown to The Hobbit premiere on December 14, 2012.  To mark the day I wanted to take us all down memory lane and take a brief look back to what we’ve been privileged to share of Richard Armitage’s  Hobbit journey so far.

I believe that in this interview on September 20, 2010 he was giving us the first hint of the news when he said:

“I was having a head cast made where they make a prosthetic of your head”

Why a prosthetic?  Well maybe this is why?

 Update 12/23/11 - and here it is!!!!!!!!

Screencap from Peter Jacksons new Vid Blog
(If you want to know about the use of scale doubles in LOTR, and now The Hobbit we assume, click on link for video. Beware - spoilers:

Then dramatically in October 2010 the news came that Peter Jackson had cast Richard as Thorin Oakenshield, one of the starring roles in the movie version of The Hobbit.

Maybe by the time The Hobbit premiere's the international press will learn to pronounce his name!

To commemorate the day I've put together a video compilation of what we've shared so far of Richard Armitage's journey on The Hobbit: 

 (Thanks to for articles and screencaps)


  1. Fun! Thanks for the retrospective. My, it's been 11months since they arrived in NZ. I still marvel at how regal he looked at the Powhiri, befitting the King under the Mountain. And he does sound pretty sexy speaking dwarf, no? ;)

  2. Still a long year to go :(
    What would we do without enthusiastic fans like you keeping the excitement going through this RA drought , so Thank You & a big HUG :D

  3. This is great! I had forgotten how wonderfully dignified, yet so, so humble he looked at the Powhiri. Such a perfect blend.
    It may be a year to go, but sometimes anticipating something you know will be fantastic is a welcome hardship! As long as we get a regular feeding of video clips and reports here and there.

  4. Thank you so much for great your comments everyone :)

    @Calexora @heirsofdurin The Powhiri is one of the most wonderful things we've had the privilege to see through the Hobbit video blogs. I agree with you both about RA and seeing him in the Powhiri. If even possible, I admire him even more after seeing him on that day.

    @Summer Gracias Amiga! I know we can all keep each other excited, entertained, and informed for another year and then we can celebrate together next December.

  5. Thank you for this summary and links.
    It is very useful to me!

    I noticed Mr. A existed only last February, exactly when he left this hemisphere (lucky lady I am!) and landed on NZ.

    I missed the preview of information about his casting in the movie you are giving me now.

  6. Yes one more year to go :-)

    Fantastic walk down memory lane - really looove the vid you have put together, and yes my admiration for him did grew too that day. His personality rocks:-)

  7. @LadyCassia I envy you a little my friend, going on this journey of RA discovery just when he's away filming in NZ :) :) Thank you for your lovely comment.

    @alfie Thank you so much! I'm so glad you liked the video and going down memory lane.


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