Sunday, December 18, 2011

Fun with Clothes: The Armitage Cardigan Line

I'm sure by now all Richard Armitage fans have checked out Jonia's Blog to see the wonderful 2002 photos of Richard Armitage starring in a play called "Use Me As Your Cardigan".  Well, what an offer. Who among us wouldn't love to have RA as our "cardigan" on a chilly night. 

More realistically however, wouldn't we all rush to the store to buy the next best thing, a line of Armitage  cardigans (sweaters for us in the US) and jackets inspired by several of his characters.  

We'll start with one inspired by Mr. Cardigan himself, the 7th Earl of Cardigan and a military inspired one to bring us cozy thoughts of John Porter:

The Earl of Cardigan - not John Porter

Of course for the winter months we have the always cozy Harry Kennedy cardigan with matching scarf:

Now for the holidays we may feel like getting close to the fire with a good mystery novel and maybe wearing a more traditional cardigan, the Philip Durant:

Sometimes a cardigan or sweater just isn't enough to warm us on a cold and blustery winter day. Our Armitage character inspired jackets are sure to delight any fashionable woman.

What is more stylish than a Lucas North inspired pea coat:

And for those moments when we feel a bit adventurous a leather jacket inspired by Ricky Deeming:

We're only a week away from Christmas and the Holidays wouldn't be complete without a good Christmas Sweater.  Here's one inspired by RA's "Mr. Rogers" red sweater:

Not Richard Armitage - Mr. Rogers 

For my dear RA Friends - hope Santa leaves you a lovely RA inspired cardigan under your tree. 

Take a look at the right hand sidebar poll and vote for your choice of  favorite Armitage Cardigan.

Poll Results Are In - The "Lucas North" wins with 52% of the vote! My thanks to all who voted.

(To Richard Armitage - I'm counting on your sense of humor, you know I only tease the ones I love)

Check out Phylly's Faves February post on Sweaters and RA:


  1. that pic of him in red pullover was always my favourite of Dicky's :) I myself often dress like that :)

  2. Fantastic post - great idea. I am defintly for the Lucas jacket. But there is something cozy and x-mas like about RA in that red jumper - I kinda like it, but I am sorry to say, the one you have found is not like that at all, its very .......(not my style) ;-)

  3. @RAFrenzy Hi Frenz!I'm glad you liked it :):)

    @Dezz I'm sure you look fabulous in the red sweater. I'm sure RA would let you borrow it :)

    @alfie I can't believe you don't like the red Christmas sweater - LOL

    Thank you all for your great comments!

  4. I love the Philip Durant style cardigan. And you shall wonder why and I will tell you an answer. The wool stitching has an interesting point, it stretches so... we both can be inside!! (Richard and me I meant) It isn‘t great!!! *grins*

  5. I love that picture of RA in the Philip Durrant cardigan! I used it in my Put on A Sweater/Jumper post in Feb. Thanks for the link to Jonia's post. I wish I had access to those pictures then! It is so exciting to see new/old (any) pictures of RA!
    I was Christmas shopping in the city this weekend and was very excited to find the perfect cardigan to give my husband this Christmas! I needed to replace one I bought him many years ago that was almost worn out. Did you know it is very hard to find a nice, warm cardigan that doesn't cost a small fortune?

  6. @Antonia Hola!! I never thought of that with the Philip Durant cardigan-a cardigan made for two :)

    @phylly3 Once again - "great minds" - Ha! I love that cozy Philip Durant cardigan on RA. You just want to cuddle up with him, or maybe what Antonia says, two in one cardigan :) Glad you found the perfect cardigan.

  7. LOL, I knew I wasn't the only one who thought he looked like Mr. Rogers in that sweater! Great post!

  8. @Servetus and @jazzbaby1

    Thank you for your comments- so glad you liked the post :)

    if they make a movie about Mr. Rogers, RA could audition in that sweater :)

  9. Hi Fabo, I like most of them, but "The Porter" matches perfectly my style.

    It is veeeery British with a bit of Sgt. Pepper's inspiration.

    I would order one, credit card or PayPal?

  10. @LadyCassia I like The Porter too :) I think I need to get that Armitage Store going before our grand opening sale - LOL

  11. Fabo I have a soft spot for jackets so can I pick them all? Even worse a real soft spot for stripes so I'd lose a fortune in your store! LOL
    Since there can be only one winner I'm going with the Philipe Durant cause it's one I've halfway done knitting! Sorta .. kinda .. in pale green & shorter length that I desperately now want to finish! Antonia's suggestion place NO factor there at all!

    I'm so there RA as Mr. Rogers that would be the best storytelling!

  12. @Fanny/iz4blue Hi Fanny! Your Philip Durant sweater sounds wonderful, love pale green. I love sweaters and jackets too - and RA is such an inspiration, isn't he?


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