Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Please Say It Isn't So! The Hobbit Moved Back to December 2013?? Update is reporting that Warner Bros may push The Hobbit's release date back one year to December 2013 to give Peter Jackson more time to work on the two films. Only a report, so it may not be true:

"When it comes to Peter Jackson’s return to Middle-earth, the more time the merrier."

To read the entire article from click HERE.

Please say it isn't so! Can we wait another year to see Richard Armitage as Thorin? Can Peter Jackson make enough Video Blogs for another year to keep us from going crazy without much Armitage news?

If it is true, on the positive side, maybe it means PJ will be working on editing and the technical part of the two films for 2013 and Richard Armitage will be free to take another job before The Hobbit.  Maybe a program or movie "all about love".

UPDATE: Looks like Warner Bros has issued a statement, according to

Update: Warner Bros. has reached out to debunk the rumor:
"Contrary to inaccurate reports - The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey is being released on December 14, 2012" - Dan Fellman, President, Domestic Distribution, Warner Bros. Pictures.

Is this the beginning of things to come, more rumors as the release date approaches, or was it Warner Bros. testing the waters to see how fans would take the news of pushing The Hobbit back one year? We'll probably never know - LOL


  1. Phew! It is hard to wait for yet one more year, can't think about 2. At least WB has denied it.

    On the other hand if RA would use that extra year for something 'about love' would be awesome, when I see some VoD footage can't help thinking how 'rare' is for us to see him grin widely or laugh (being in character). I want to hear more laughs, singing and maybe dancing from him :D.

    OML :)

  2. Hi OML! Lovely to see you.
    I know, I was sad yesterday thinking of having to wait more than one year, but like you I would like to see him in a good comedy, or playing a character that had to dance at some point in the film. Good that the delay was only a rumor :)

  3. I thought, "no way is the supposed Mayan apocalypse going to happen before I see him as Thorin. NO WAY!" :-)

  4. Fabo, I share your feelings and distress.

    Of course, Warner could not but debunk the rumor, but this is really a though project to manage and delays are possible, understandable, unacceptable (from our part).

    We can only wait and hope. Thanks for the update

  5. @DarkJackal I'm with you all the way! The world can't end before we see The Hobbit!

    @LadyCassia Thank you for sharing my distress.I was so shocked when I read the news, and so relieved to find out it wasn't true.


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