Monday, July 9, 2012

Gentle Giant and TORn Reveal New Thorin (Richard Armitage) Figure

Another Thorin figure revealed. 

It's raining Thorins!

Figure is from Gentle Giant, another Comic-Con 
Exclusive according to

If you're going to Comic-Con this week, find out by going to the link below how to purchase this collectible:

Apparently they used digital scans of Richard Armitage to make it look the most like him.  I really don't think it looks 100% like him, looks older. That may have been the idea though with Thorin.  What do you think?  I do like the detail in the piece.

Was this the prototype for the collectible above:

There was a rumor at the time, many months ago, that the sketch above was from Gentle Giant. I actually like the prototype sketch or drawing better than the final product, if that's the case. But we may be in for another Thorin figure revelation soon based on the above. Do you think? Raining Thorin's.

What did I say - it's raining Thorin's indeed!

Thanks to MTV and


  1. Keep the Thorin's coming!!!
    I agree, doesn't look much like our RA/Thorin!

  2. Haha, I love your headline "It's Raining Thorins!"

    This is brilliant news and it's so exciting to see Richard Armitage's character so prominent in the publicity campaign.

    1. I love the title "It's raining Thorins" too Bccmee. ;-)

      I would love to have a Thorin figure, so my Little Guy will have some company, lol.

  3. Hello Everyone! Glad you all liked "It's Raining Thorins".
    Finally this last one a Thorin to fit my budget at $7.99 I think. I'm tempted, but I may hold out until the next Thorin, after all today is just the start of Comic-Con so still time for a few more Thorin reveals.
    Wonder what Richard thinks of all these likenesses of him?


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