Saturday, July 14, 2012

Sharpe Sundays Episode 4 -Sharpe's Enemy: The Enemy of My Enemy?

Sharpe’s Enemy

Deserters from the French, Portuguese and British have joined together and taken over the Portuguese village of Adrados.  They’ve also taken two women hostage, the English wife of a French officer and the Portuguese wife of Sir Augustus Farthingdale.  Sharpe is sent to pay ransom for the British side but the kidnapers change their demands and keep the women. He also meets his new arch enemy, French spymaster Ducos. Sharpe decides to mount a daring rescue anyway. Will the price Sharpe has to pay to succeed be too much this time?

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Pierre Roger Ducos 
(Landais dans l'Histoire)

In this episode of Sharpe we'll meet a character called Ducos. There was also a Ducos, Pierre Roger Ducos, who lived from 1747-1817.Coincidence?

From Wikipedia:

"Ducos was a member of the Council of Five Hundred(1797). At the end of his term, he became a justice of the peace, but after Barthélemy Catherine Joubert's coup d'etat (June 1799), he was named a member of the executive Directory. 

On 9 November 1799, Ducos accepted the coup d'état of Napoleon Bonaparte and was one of the three Provisional Consuls (with Napoleon and Emmanuel-Joseph Sieyès), becoming vice-president of the Senate with the arrival of a stable Consulate formula."

Happy Bastille Day - July 14

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