Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Urgent Richard III Archaeology Appeal Until July 20th

Archaeological Search for Richard III

Philippa Langley, screenwriter and founder, in 1999, of the Scottish Branch of the Richard III Society, has sent out an urgent appeal. An archaeological dig is scheduled to take place this summer in Leicester, seeking the last resting place of Richard III, and hoping to find and re-inter his remains with proper solemnity. In addition it is hoped the excavations will be filmed, and then form part of a proposed landmark TV special telling Richard's real story. The project has encountered a sudden and unforeseen shortfall of funds and is in danger of closing down, hence they are appealing for urgent pledges of funds.

Concurrently with this archaeological project, Ms. Langley is preparing a script about the real Richard III which has the interest of Richard Armitage. Please note that Richard Armitage is not involved in the archaeological dig project.

For further information about how to support this project and ensure it is not cancelled this summer visit the King Richard Armitage blog at the link below:

Or fill out the pledge form, link below:

Thank you! 


  1. Very informative! I never knew Richard III was buried so unceremoniously.

    1. I didn't either until recently. I hope the project succeeds with everyone's help.


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