Friday, July 6, 2012

Sharpe Sundays Episode 3 - Series 2: Badajoz

Sharpe’s Company

It’s now 1812 and the Duke of Wellington is making plans to lay siege to Badajoz.  When a new draft of soldiers arrives from England among them is a dangerous figure from Sharpe’s past in India, Sgt. Hakeswill.  Bad news for Sharpe all around since his commission as a captain is no longer needed he’s back to being a lieutenant and worse yet made Quartermaster. In order to get a promotion Sharpe volunteers to lead the Forlorn Hope, the first men to attack the breach, but Wellington refuses.  Will Sharpe save the day and thwart Hakeswill's evil plans?  

Richard Caton Woodville Jr. (1856-1927)

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Armand Philippon (1803)

Philippon is a name we'll hear mentioned in this Sharpe episode. Like Richard Sharpe, the real Armand Philippon enlisted as a soldier during the French Revolution and rose through the ranks of the French army (Grande Armée) to become Baron Philippon.He was Governor of Badajoz in 1812 when we join Sharpe's Company in Spain this Sunday.


  1. What a beautiful painting you posted!

    Can I say - without revealing any spoiler - that the dramatic scene of the attack to the breach is amazingly inspired to this drawing!

    1. So glad you liked it. I had debated whether to post it for the reasons you state, but thought the story we'll see has many more threads. Look forward to watching and discussing on Sunday.

  2. My instict tells me that I am the only one in the group to watch this series for the first time. Am I wrong? LOL!

    1. I think Summer may be new to Sharpe too, you're not the only one I'm sure. Makes it so much more fun to have both "oldies" and newbies watching. Hope you're having fun watching :)


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