Monday, July 2, 2012

Richard Armitage as Thorin in The Hobbit: New Photo

To see the rest of the Entertainment Weekly Hobbit Gallery go to the link below:,,20483133_20608420,00.html#21179608

Thank you Ricrar for the link. 

Update July 4, 2012:

King Thorin 

Thanks to and Entertainment Weekly

Update 7/8/12:

Have I mentioned that I love!

The TORn staff analyze the Entertainment Weekly Photos (see link). Great post, beware of SPOILERS if you haven't read the book:

A quote from the article that I agree with 100%

MrCere: Is it possible people still don’t get that this movie is about three people moving the action? Gandalf, Bilbo and Thorin are the center of this film. Let me go on record again and say that Richard Armitage is going to be a gigantic star when these two movies are over.


  1. ooh, wish they would show us Galadriel and Bard too!

    1. I think for Bard we'll have to wait for the second film, but I'm sure we'll see him then! You're right, they should have more of Galadriel

  2. It's always nice to have new material, woohoo!

    1. Isn't it! I have a feeling there will be lots and lots of new material for you to play with very soon!

  3. I agree Bccmee. ;-)

    Thanks for the pic. :-)

    1. Thanks April! He's our King Under the Mountain!


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