Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Few Words About STAGED

I was so happy to open my mailbox tonight and see my copy of STAGED.  We've all waited long to see this small gem from Richard Armitage's early career. 

Truly a pleasure to see Richard in this basically two-character very short film. He's not playing a baddie or a hero, but only a man struggling with his career and his marriage. 

Two actors in a play in search of a marriage.  

Richard was already using his amazing eyes to express much more than the words in the text. There's one scene when as Darryl he's talking about being an actor, the joy and the price to be paid, that really touched me. 

Jennifer Taylor Lawrence, who I didn't know before, plays her part well and reminds me of actresses with strong personalities of an earlier generation. Armitage was just at the cusp of his leading man looks here, and just developing his acting arsenal. He plays a softer character, despite flashes of temper, than he has in  more recent work. I enjoyed the contrast and chemistry between the two actors.

Seeing STAGED makes me hope more than ever that we will see Richard Armitage in a more intimate film soon.  

Thank you Darren Denison for the opportunity to add this small treasure to my Richard Armitage DVD collection. 

Staged was written, produced and directed by Darren Denison and produced by Denison Entertainment. The DVD was available for a very short time in very limited release. 

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  1. Hi Fabo, great to hear you're happy with the copy of 'Staged' - I'd read somewhere that another fan has already watched it 5 times:) Evidently she feels it's worth the cost as well.

    On another topic, I've started vol 1 of the Poldark series. Winston Graham's physical description of Ross is certainly a fine fit. And the fact the character walks with a limp (due to a war injury) would probably be an aspect RA finds appealing.

    Fingers, toes, eyes crossed in hopes the Poldark role is offered to Richard and he accepts. If that RA dream comes true, all the great memories of new weekly eps of RH, Spooks and SB will come flooding back.

    1. Hi Ricrar - I've watched it several times myself so far

      Do you think Richard is ready to go back to UK TV at this point after The Hobbit? I would be happy also to see him as Ross Poldark and he is a great fit. Did you ever see the original series? I think some of it is on YT - I encourage you to watch some of the original with Robin Ellis.

  2. Hi Fabo,
    Thanks so much for your review of "Staged". I look forward to seeing this short film of RA's in the future.
    Cheers! Grati ;->

    1. Hello, thanks for reading my review Grati. Well worth seeing Staged.

  3. Thanks for your comments. :-)

    I'm still waiting for my dvd. I hope that I will not wait too long. ;-)

    1. Hi April, hope you receive your DVD soon, would love to know your thoughts once you see it :)

  4. This film also made me wonder what would happen these days if they gave him a longer scene with a woman -- as opposed to the short tv scenes of relationships -- or the long scenes in TH with no women at all! It would be really wonderful, I think.

    1. Absolutely Servetus! I do hope it happens, in a not too distant future, that we'll see him in a film, or TV show, with no CGI or weapons, in a relationship movie with a woman who is a good actress herself and who challenges his acting muscles as a result as TH has challenged him in many ways, to our enjoyment and appreciation of his craft.


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