Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Desolation of Elves

Exciting day - the first teaser trailer for The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug out today

My first impression after three or four viewings: 

Too many Elves

Especially this one

I've read the book, this is a story about Bilbo and the quest of the 
Dwarves of Erebor, not the Elves of Mirkwood

Yes, the elves play a key part, but this is not their story

Thranduil is impressive - but still - Ni Ikred Fund

Not enough of my dear dwarves

But I'm very happy we did see and hear Bard

One of my favorite scenes in the clip, Bard talking to Thorin

Speaking of Thorin, why doesn't he speak - he's pretty chatty in the book you know


 and to my surprise we saw the dragon himself, Smaug

 I think I have to hear Smaug's voice before 
I can really say more about him

Too early to tell

Still, it was marvelous to see the teaser trailer and know that this is only the first tantalizing glimpse and there will be more to come on the road to Erebor and December

Screencaps from RichardArmitageNet.com, Filmofilia, Herocomplex-LA Times, au.businessinsider.com, Google Images


  1. pffft... I shall take the Elves for moi, then :) More happiness for Dezzy :PPP

    1. Enjoy your Elves Dezz dear! I know you'll enjoy every minute.

      (The Dwarves will return!)

  2. Agree, Fabolaktuko. Too many elves for me as well. More dwarves and especially a singing Thorin for me any time. Please ;o)

    1. I so hope we get more singing Thorin in DOS. RA seems to want that too. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

  3. Hahaha Love your post. Quite right too many elves in this trailer. I think PJ wanted to introduce all the new characters of the movie. Legolas is playing the part of Frodo in Unexpected Journey for all the LOTR fans. Unlike first movie, our dear dwarves & Bilbo will have to share stardom with elves, Bard & Smaug :( Think dear Richard will be relieved about it LOL but for us the dwarves, & specially their gorgeous leader, are the ones who kick ass LOL

    1. I want my dwarves back! Hi Summer - yes, you have a good point that PJ is introducing the new characters, and also appealing to the LOTR fans and Legolas fans. I don't want Richard to have to share the "stage", I want Thorin to shine! We'll see what the next trailer brings - better be dwarves :)

  4. I will love forever those 2 ecstatic young ladies in the watching-DOS-trailer video that went viral (and even amused PJ and the cast) for pointing out with unerring accuracy the elf overload in this first trailer (where are the dwarves?), and that PJ seemed to be targeting the LOTR fans. *Sniffs* personally I could take or leave whether Legolas had been in this movie or not, and am indifferent as to whether there is a female elf - why not, in fact why not more of them? And some female dwarves that fight.

    Anyway as this was a first teaser attached to this weekend's SuperMan (no wonder it's action-oriented) I was very happy to get SOMETHING. As long as the final movie concentrates on Bilbo and the Dwarves, think from the non-elf shots it will beyond epic. (And this past week, staring at the first part of the trailer with one of the few shots of Thorin - majestic even covered in spider floss - the thought popped into my head "what if PJ had cast someone other than RA as Thorin?" At this point, what a HORRIBLE thought. It's like someone other than Johnny Depp playing Jack Sparrow. AAAAAAGH!!!!!)

    1. I could understand PJ and WB wanting to make sure the LOTR fans were on board for movie #1, but why are the so concerned about movie #2? - I think LOTR fans are now Hobbit fans or will go and see the next two films. I'm with you 100%, as long as the films concentrate on Bilbo and the Dwarves I'll be happy :) Like you, I have no objections to a female character being added either, but I don't watch a film or read a book based on the male/female ratio.

      Someone else as Thorin? Oh no - could never be! I agree that RA has made the role his own. The image of the cranky old guy is gone, now Thorin is the majestic tragic hero of our dreams!

      I loved seeing the Elves reacting to the Happy Hobbits, the two girls, and their reaction, everyone's reactions on both side.

    2. Hi Fabolaktuko - re PJ and WB wanting *even more* LOTR fans on board - maybe it's more than that e.g. the single biggest movie spenders are young males under 30 - e.g., films w. lots of action attract that demographic$$$$. Which, now that I think about it, is exactly who would have been attending Superman......or PJ went *boinnnng* like fine machines do when they get overworked (which he certainly must be) and sidetracked his own main storyline.

      Lord knows there is a huge amount of elf hype in the new issue of Empire magazine, from the cover and the articles one would think DOS has elves as the main characters. *Unhappy* only one small picture of my beloved dwarves in barrels w. PJ, and OB has a pull quote "elves always steal the show" or something like that. Er, no. Hope OB was just being cheeky as I would not have said that in a huge cast of very fine actors even as a joke,
      especially w. many confused rumblings posted re DOS trailer as to where the dwarves and Bilbo are? Still, there is a good sidebar about the EE version of the Hobbit out in November, and some of what will be included.

    3. Hi Anonymous! I certainly hope PJ will be back to the dwarves in the Vlog! I did see some of the Empire coverage, not Empire issue itself, and though I understand in a commercial way, I also was unhappy that the main story in Hobbit, the dwarves reclaiming their homeland, was lost in the coverage :(

      Hadn't thought about that male under-30 market, but of course, you are right!

      Am really enjoying your comments!!

  5. I'm with Dezzy. I'm an elf girl:)

    1. Welcome Sandra!

      OK,OK, in the spirit of Bilbo I'll allow the Elves some equal time


  6. Passing through re trolling for some DOS news (didn't really expect anything, especially after Martin Freeman said in a recent article that the cast in NZ is working 11 hour days and something about not messing around. But FINALLY the awesome v-blog with Thorin! Playing chords on Orcrist (hysterical). And dwarves, lots of dwarves! (and elves of course.)

    V-blog made up big time for the shock of the trailer - still, noticed that both Bilbo and Thorin seemed to be kept away from any "chatty" blog moments...so are they saving the good stuff (Beorn) for later blog (probably)?. Or PJ and/or actors themselves need to stay firmly in character and away from the public for now? Am good with that, thanks to the vblog's healthy dose of dwarfs. Thanks to PJ!

    1. We're so lucky to have the Vlog to soothe our need for DOS news. I hope in future vlogs we'll get to hear RA's voice, even just a "hello".


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