Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Screen Legend Alain Delon on US Television - Detective Show Frank Riva

French detective series Frank Riva, starring Alain Delon, 

 Premieres MHz Networks tomorrow, Thursday, 
June 6, 9:00pm EST.

See links below for schedule and trailer:

I'll have more about Frank Riva and Alain Delon after I watch a bit of the series. 

I grew up watching Alain Delon films and am thrilled to have a chance to see him in this recent French TV series.

Check your local PBS station also, it may be playing in your area. 


  1. I think the new MHz mystery shows are the best in TV. I adore all the players and their roles.

    1. I'm enjoying all the new ones too, in addition to returning ones with new episodes like Irene Huss. Isn't it wonderful to see Alain Delon still a charming man in his 70's!

  2. I agree that he is a good actor along w/ others. Hope series come back on station.


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