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Three Richard Armitage Fan Projects I Support: Bring North and South to PBS, Armitage for Dawsey Adams, Armitage as Ross Poldark

Yes, I know, it doesn't really matter what I support - who am I to say!  I have nothing to do with initiating or maintaining any of the three projects below, other than my interest, and yes, my firm support. 

It is Richard Armitage's decision of course what his next project, and future projects will be. We don't know what he's auditioned for or has been offered, or is interested in pursuing. The most important thing for me is his satisfaction and happiness with his career. I will follow wherever he leads us. 

But if you are a Richard Armitage fan and happen to drop by this blog intentionally or accidentally, I did want to bring to your attention three Armitage related fan projects that may be worthwhile for fans to explore further and see if they want to join and support their fellow fan efforts. 

Bring North and South to PBS

Looks like there will be renewed efforts and a new campaign soon in the ongoing project to have PBS (US Public Television) show North and South with Richard Armitage nationwide, or make it available nationwide, on PBS stations. Click on the link below for more information and to join and show your support:

The new efforts, from what I'm reading on the FB page, will be directed towards the BBC and not just PBS. (Thanks to Me and Richard Armitage for the original info).

I posted about the original campaign in 2010- you can read about it at the link below:

Richard Armitage for Dawsey Adams

This has been a long running fan campaign to have Richard Armitage cast as Dawsey Adams in the future film based on the book The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society.

The campaign seems to have gained new momentum after Richard mentioned in an interview recently, during the Australia Hobbit DVD Promo I believe, that he's been auditioning or talking to producers in Los Angeles, and that one of the projects is based on a charming book that we (his fans) would like (I'm paraphrasing here).  Could the "charming book" be Guernsey?

I also posted about this fan campaign a while back, and you can read if interested at the link below:

Now, some fans believe that Armitage should play another character from the book,  Markham V. Reynolds, rich and handsome American.  I agree that the physical description in the book matches Armitage, and I have no doubt that he could play this ultimately not always sympathetic character well.

I'm with the fans that think he would be perfect for Dawsey, and for me that has to do with the "inner RA" more than the outward physical beauty of the man.  On the Dawsey/Armitage side I offer the description of Dawsey when book heroine Juliet first sees him:

"Then Dawsey held out his hands. I had been expecting him to look like Charles Lamb, and he does, a little - he has the same even gaze... Dawsey is dark and wiry, and his face has a quiet, watchful look about it - until he smiles...he has the sweetest smiles I've ever seen..."

Portrait of Charles Lamb:

The Guernsey film project is currently "In Development" according to IMDB.

Poldark Fans Want Richard Armitage 

Robin Ellis as Ross Poldark

The BBC has announced they are producing a remake of the very popular 1970's series Poldark.  I was a great fan of the Poldark series in my teens thanks to PBS airing the entire series here in the US. I also read all the Poldark books at the time, and still own them. I agree that Richard Armitage would be the perfect Ross Poldark - the only actor I can think of that I would accept without reservations as playing the character other than the original, the wonderful Robin Ellis.

For those that have never heard of Poldark, below is a video of a documentary about the series that may answer some of your questions:

Below is a link to the original article saying that the Poldark Appreciation Society members voted for Richard Armitage as their favorite to play the lead, Ross Poldark, in the new BBC series in production:

If you want to show your support below is the link to the Poldark Appreciation Society on Facebook:


I hope Richard Armitage gives us more hints soon as to his future 
projects. I'm a believer that mention of fan interest in seeing him on stage, screen, or our TV sets, is a good thing. 

Image sources many and varied from various fan sites, Wikipedia,

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