Friday, April 10, 2015

Global Fans of Richard Armitage View The Crucible on 11th of April

Interesting and exciting that they've picked up on this fan initiative and fan project.

Led by @TheRAFanPage and @RAItalianForum on Twitter.

I'm joining in, are you?


  1. Would possibly have at least tried to watch the first hour with everyone, but not now that it's a Digital Theater marketing event. Interested in the actors, like the fans, not interested in the marketer.

    1. It doesn't bother me, they have a business, and this is an opportunity for them to become better known. Not like they are forcing anyone to watch, or participate, or buy their products. They offer a great opportunity to watch performances from great actors, great ballet companies, etc. to those not able to experience it otherwise. Much better product than other things I could think of. I'm assuming the fans that organized this are willingly participating in the contest with Digital, and not forced to do it. And if it helps Richard as well to become known by some tomorrow on twitter or FB, that's good too.

      I hope that some don't feel they can't watch now because some others object to it. Hope everyone enjoys watching and sharing the moment if they want, and don't even think about Digital Theatre's participation. Let's just enjoy the moment. We don't seem to be able to do that much.

      It's a very individual and personal choice to watch or not, or participate or not,as it should be.


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