Sunday, April 12, 2015

Day 7 Richard Armitage 31 Day Challenge

A Favourite Personal Look 

 I have a sentimental connection to this look.

He's wearing many of his own favorites, and mine too. 

The leather jacket (more a taupe, and soft, almost suede, than in the photo), the black sweater (more a long sleeve T-shirt I think), the color black, the casual jeans...perfect.

I always love his stubble. One of the few men that can look elegant with stubble. And the longer hair.  


(photos from Google Images and other places that I've forgotten and didn't note at the time)


  1. This look is one of my top favourites, because of the reasons you give (mmm the stubble and longer hair). And he seems to be more lanky, than with formal suits for example, which I really like. :)

    1. Hi MargotMat
      I think he works out to add muscle when he's filming or working on a role that requires him to look and be extra fit. But when he's not working for a while, he goes back to his natural, lanky, slim, self :)


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