Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Few Minutes with Thorin (Richard Armitage) and Kili (Aidan Turner)

So I thought this Wednesday evening after work I would sit on my couch with my laptop and catch up with all the photos and videos and reports and news from the exciting Captain America Premiere I saw LIVE last night in Los Angeles as RA Fest continues...and then late tonight in my part of the world, all Hobbit fans received an unexpected gift from Middle-Earth:

So here's a short video of clips from Peter Jackson's Hobbit Video Blog #3 of mostly our marvelous leader Thorin and his nephew Kili, or Richard Armitage and Aidan Turner

As Richard Armitage fans this has been an amazing time and I am full of wonder at all we have been so lucky to see and hear because of Captain America and The Hobbit.  Since Richard is on my side of the continent this evening, and only a few hours away from me right now, so near and yet so far, I am truly floating on air tonight.

Richard Armitage as Thorin
From New Dwarves Photo Released by Peter Jackson July 21, 2011

But back to Peter Jackson's marvelous gift to us on Wednesday.  The video is really dedicated to the dwarves, and what a marvelous and fun group of guys.  Thorin looks very different than the recently released photo , older, but with more gravitas and less bravado I think. Kili looks very different too, very cute, but his wig is a light brown, rather than dark brown of the recently released photo. We do get to see Aidan's smile a few times, and that's a bonus. 

Of course, I love listening to Richard Armitage talk about his characters, and we get to hear him talk about his experiences for the past five months, just lovely as always.  Has to be such a special experience for him for so many reasons. His career, yes, but there's more and you can feel it from him how special this is, to be part of bringing a book he loved as a child, part of his life for a long time, and now he gets to bring it to life for the world as one of the main and most unforgettable characters of this magical quest. He's working hard as always, but having the time of his life, and he's sharing a bit of it with his fans around the world.

I'm very excited, that's why it's 1:00am my time and I'm not asleep, and I still have to work tomorrow. But what a marvelous excuse to stay awake and enjoy the experience. 

If you haven't seen the entire video blog, please click on the link below. There are a few more surprises from Peter Jackson for all of us:


  1. Funny - I thought he looked younger in the videoblog...And much more recognizable as Richard than in the portrait. I guess we won't know the real final effect until we see the movie. So much goes into editing, etc...
    And thanks for the video extracts of Richard and Aidan. I'll add a link on my post to here :D! And BTW I was up for a few hours enjoying this new vlogs and writing my post too. So much TH goodness! PJ is amazing to share so much with us.

  2. I am so looking forward to going to see an early screening of Captain America!! (Well early for us in the UK!!)

    I will send Richard your love ;-)

  3. Hi @Custard!
    Can't wait to find out what you think of Captain America. I'm not a comic book person, but I've heard it actually has a story. I'll find out this Sunday. Yes, please, do send Richard my love - LOL

    @Calexora Funny that you think he looks younger and I think he looks older :):)True, what we've seen so far is only a tiny glimpse into the characters...Thanks for adding a link on your blog. Greatly appreciated!

  4. Hola! As promised...I'm back! LOL
    There has been so much RA goodness around these last few days that I'm having a hard time catching up!
    Wanted to comment how I love to see RA as Thorin, he makes him look so powerful, majestic..a true King! I can not imagine anyone else for this important role, he's just perfect and I'm sure his characterization will be an unforgettagle one :)
    Knowing how much Richard values Tolkien's novels, I understand how thrilled this experience is for him. I am a Tolkien fan myself and for me is a dream come true to have my favourite actor in the adaptation of one of my favourite books, the one that introduce me at the age of eleven to the world of Tolkien and Middle Earth... I couldn't ask for more!!!

  5. Sorry meant to thrilling LOL
    Little Miss Perfect here trying to write English the best she can!! Jaja

  6. Hola Summer! Gracias por tu visita :)

    How wonderful that you're also a Tolkien fan and like RA The Hobbit has a special meaning for you.
    I'm curious to know more information about all the research he's doing for Thorin during his break, aren't you?
    Much Thanks for your comment and for sharing your love of Tolkien and Middle Earth :)


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