Sunday, July 17, 2011

Richard Armitage as Thorin Oakenshield Revealed

Thanks to The One Ring Net:

I expected a full body pic of Thorin! But I'll take it!

I'm still processing it.. may say more later.  Would love your comments!

Later today :)

Now that I've had a chance to look at Thorin in more detail, I see a similarity between Season 3 Guy of  Gisborne and Thorin Oakenshield. Not just the look of the dark eyes and long hair, but the dark and ferocious Guy and the Thorin we are seeing now in this new photo:

Do you agree that there is a resemblance, and that maybe The Hobbit costume and makeup designers might have been inspired by it. Do you agree or disagree?  

Uncle (Thorin) and Nephew (Kili)

See the resemblance?  

hair, eyebrows, expression, beard, attitude!

Equal Time - Reaction from Staff to Thorin Photo:


  1. You are right - there is a resemblance between S.3 Guy and Thorin, even in the costume (well - hard to tell completely because we haven't seem Thorin from head to toe yet). And incredible how they made Uncle Thorin look older and nephew Kili look younger than the actors in real life. Do they resemble each other? Well, beard and hair yes...the rest I think not so much but again, will depend on when we see them interacting.

    My big question, now that we've seen all the main actors - dwarves, Bilbo, Gandalf, is whether the next PJ video post will show some behind the scene footage of the dwarves filming...Wouldn't that be great? As you are the voice expert :D, I'm thinking they'll for sure be manipulating their voices and include lots of grunts and stuff, and the way they'll walk and move around will also be different, dwarf-like. So that will also be interesting to see. I can't wait to see the 'whole picture' so to speak...

  2. Hi Calexora! Thank you for your always insightful comments.

    It is hard to tell without seeing the full body Thorin how similar the Guy Season 3 costume resembles this one. I wonder if we will get another Thorin reveal to see the full costume? Very interesting point about seeing them interacting - I like they fact they all look different, their own personalities and if they will create their own voices as you say for the characters. PJ has revealed quite a lot, but I don't know how much he can reveal without taking away some of the surprises in the movie?

    I think they do have a family resemblance without being clones, Thorin and Kili.

    Do Aidan Turner and Richard Armitage look alike without the makeup? I never thought they looked much alike before, except they have dramatic faces, facial features, that lend themselves to playing dark characters. For me it works here :)

  3. I want your I heart Kili sticker! He's the sexiest 4 me between the 2 & definitely see some resemblance. Of course this might all change once I hear and see him in action.

    I noticed an infinity between them during the news conference, both kind of shy & goofy.

    Season 3 Guy has a weakness though he feels guilt & his fierceness is out of desperation.

    How will Thorin wield Orcrist will be most fascinating. Only his second other role with a sword. Can't help but think of Sean Bean and the amount of sword roles he's handled. :-)

  4. Hi Fanny! Glad you like my Kili sticker :)

    OK, yes, right now Kili looks the sexiest, but there's more to being sexy than just looks, so yes, we'll have to wait until we see Thorin in action.

    I love sword fighting, for me as far as screen and stage combat it's the most exciting if done right, and even can be beautiful depending on who is wielding that sword. I also can't wait to see Thorin with Orcrist! True that Sean Bean and a sword go together, he even won an award at RADA for swordsmanship while a student.

  5. I *must* read the Hobbit! I didn't know Kili was Thorin's nephew (oh theory I have until Dec 2012), now I know why it strike me as he was looking very young, he is supposed to be very young, specially in constrast to Thorin.

    I agree there's a similtude in the 'composition' of their looks, both wear black clothes, dark long hair and beard while the others dwarfs have a particular hiarstyle and/or color.

    OML :)

  6. Hi OML!

    Kili and Fili are sons of Thorin's sister. That's my Hobbit trivia for today :)


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