Sunday, July 24, 2011

My "Two Cents" about Captain America

I just came back from seeing Captain America: The First Avenger in 3D.  Below are some thoughts about the experience.

*  I have followed Captain America and went to see it today because Richard Armitage is in it.  He's in the film much too briefly.  I always marvel about his ease of movement and his" believability" in  action sequences.  To me the chase scene between Heinz Kruger and Steve Rogers is the most exciting action sequence in the film - a duel between two men. Armitage has only a few lines of dialog, but he always manages to add extra touches without a word. My favorite, the knowing half smile. A good intro for him to the world of huge action blockbusters in what is already becoming a popular, and also enjoyable film.  

Watching him on the big screen I did wonder if some Heinz Kruger scenes were left on the cutting room floor during editing, happens in every film and TV show, and maybe we'll see them on the DVD.  I don't know of course, but it's always possible.  It was exciting to see him on the big screen. 

Update: RA Fest continues! Wonderful new interview in The Scotsman thanks to

* I was excited to see the streets of Manchester and Liverpool  that we've seen in the behind-the-scenes and fan photos posted when they were filming in the UK.  

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*  I don't remember seeing Chris Evans in any film before.  He's the perfect All American Boy and a refreshing non-swagger hero. I look forward to seeing him in a serious non-CGI film one of these days.

*  Hugo Weaving always a solid performance as a villain.  Oddly enough I found him scarier without the red Red Skull face. 

* For those of us in the US that watch lots of UK television programs and films, always fun to recognize familiar faces, even in small roles.  

* Tommy Lee Jones delivers as always.  The best lines and probably having the most fun of anyone in this film.  He's played this tough-as-nails with a soft heart part before, and it's becoming his specialty, but he does it so well.  

* Good performance by Hayley Atwell and glad to have a strong but believable woman in an action film. Only a hint of a romance with Captain America  as fits a film for a very young audience, but both actors do it very well.  I last remember seeing her in Any Human Heart on PBS and recommend seeing it for anyone not familiar with her work. (I confess not  always remembering her name really, but certainly remembered seeing her before in several different roles on other good programs as soon as she appeared on the screen here.)

*Saw a preview of every single action and superhero film slated to open the rest of this year. Sensory overload!!!!!!!!!!! Lots of UK actors though in the lead playing Americans...except Mission Impossible with Tom Cruise.

I enjoyed the film more than I thought I would, it is an action film with an actual story and characters you become attached to.  Good job!


  1. glad you enjoyed the film, Fabo!
    I love Chris Evans, and I've been his fan for years now (I think you would enjoy him in LONDON and in THE NANNY DIARIES and maybe in LOSS OF A TEARDROP DIAMOND), but I must admit I can't stand Hayley Atwell.
    Hope you will get to see more of Armitage in THE HOBBIT.

  2. Nice overview of the film! I also enjoyed it quite a bit. I'm even tempted to see it again on the big screen at a matinee. :)

  3. Unfortunally the movie has not have premiere in Denmark yet - it is the 11th august :-(
    But I can´t wait to see it ( found yout thoughts about the movie interesting and motivating for me to see the film)

  4. I liked CA too! I've seen Marvel's action hero movies before and have always enjoyed them. This one in particular was dying to see the first day of its release for very obvious reasons LOL
    I knew RA would be great as Heinz Kruger no matter how short the scene, he's so dedicated, his acting always intense. I agree his fast paced action scene was the best of the movie.
    Don't know about you but the moment RA's scene ended I felt the urge to rewind, pause and drool at my heart's content! Can't wait for the DVD! LOL
    Really enjoyed the movie as a whole, great performances from both American and British actors.
    I'm so happy, RA had a great debut on the big screen!

  5. I loved Hugo Weaving as the baddie. And I agree with you - he was scarier without the red skull mask thing on. As for Haley - I like to see a woman with curves playing an 'action' role. It was a nice mix of feminine and strength. Of course I loved RA - but like Summer, I wanted to rewind and rewatch! (So I did when I got home - it's already out on some streaming italian only but who cares, I just watched his 10 mins a few more times without sound :D) Another actor I noticed was the guy who played Bucky - Sebastian Stan. I kinda crushed on him a bit....ok so he's 12 years my junior, but he is a cutie pie.

  6. Wow! I'm actually keen to see this now, for the main reasons that A) I happen to have free AMC passes B) my boys will love it C) it's a compromise as I can't take them to see Potter D) I can nap in peace the rest of the movie E) no fan guilt by missing RA's first cinema release

  7. Hello all! I love your comments and appreciate you taking the time to do so. Thank you all so much.

    @Dezz Thank you so much for the film suggestions for Chris Evans. I'm very curious now to see him in something else.

    @bccmee I would also like to see him again, maybe in 2D this time. But I may wait for the DVD :)

    @Alfie I hope you come back and comment again about your thoughts on Captain America, would love to know. I'm glad I motivated you to see the entire film :)

    @Summer Thank you my friend for the RT on Twitter :) Yes, I wanted to rewind the film right there in the movie theater - RA's scenes go by so fast I want to see them in slow motion now. Great that the movie has been so successful.

    @Calexora Glad you agree about Hugo Weaving, and about the red skull. His face lost expression with the red mask. Bucky was really cute...they're all boy toys to me, even RA :)

  8. @Fanny LOL - Try and stay awake at least for first half of the film when Steve Rogers goes on the road with Captain America! Really! Trust me! Then you can nap.

  9. Hi there! Captain America is a very nice entertaining movie. I just love Chris Evans, who played The Human Torch,Johnny Storm, in The Fantastic Four!
    He is a very dear person!
    Must confess that now i remember RArmitage there.
    See, sometimes fine things slip thru your fingers! I have to watch the movie again!

  10. Hi Teiteiforever,
    I don't remember seeing Chris Evans before Captain America and I really liked him. I do want to see him in other non-superhero films.
    Yes, watch the movie again and look for RA! Armitage was on the screen too short a time on CA, but it was thrilling to see him on the big screen.


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