Monday, July 4, 2011

Swordplay III - Sir Guy's Dance

I may have mentioned before that I grew up watching classic Hollywood movies on TV and many of my favorites were swashbuckling movies with lots of sword fights.  As I grew older I learned to appreciate the work involved in choreographing a good sword fight for a film or television show. I  imagine it is a lot like choreographing a ballet or big musical theater dance number.  

This week I heard again the music from Jose Limon's ballet, Moor's Pavane, based yes, on Shakespeare's Othello, and thought it would be fun to try and make another Swordplay video.  The music brought  to my mind Richard Armitage's role as Guy of Gisborne. Watching the sword fight scenes in Robin Hood, though never enough of them for me, I could always see the grace and elegance of Gisborne's movements and think it might be in part a result of Armitage's dance training, as well as his natural elegance of movement. So below is Swordplay III-  Sir Guy's Dance as my small tribute to the magic of   
Sir Guy and of the master choreographers of swordplay in the film and TV world:

I've always hesitated to make a Guy of Gisborne video, there are so many wonderful ones already, and I am just a dabbler and not a video artist as many are.  But I love a man with a sword, and Richard Armitage is a joy to watch.  As far as I'm concerned, he needs more movie roles where he wields a sword and wears armor, and I don't have words to express how much I'm looking forward to seeing him wielding  the great sword Orcrist as Thorin in The Hobbit. 

To see a slightly different version of the video with a little bit of Sean Bean and Errol Flynn, click on the link below:

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  1. He is one beautiful specimen, especially wielding that sword and with those graceful movements that I, also, think come from his dance training. I am so looking forward to seeing him as Thorin...wonder if he'll be as sexy though ;) It will be incredible to see him in such a high-quality production (doesn't come much better than Peter Jackson). Did I ever mention I look at your Thorin/Hobbit countdown every day? :D... And btw - loved seeing those moves put to classical music. It gave the impression of a silent film...I'll look at the YouTube version with Errol and Sean tonight :D Now back to work - my break is over... :(

  2. I love Purcell and whatever is baroque music.
    I like your soundtrack for Guy sword dance so much.

  3. @Calexora I'm so glad to know you look at my Hobbit countdown every day! I'm glad I posted it then. Hope it helps seeing the time ticking away...even if slowly...He was the sexiest as Guy, but I'm sure if anyone can smolder as an M-E Dwarf, he can.

    @LadyCassia Hello! Thank you so much for your comment and love that you loved Purcell's music.


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