Friday, July 8, 2011

Richard Armitage- Caps from New Peter Jackson The Hobbit Video Blog Today

The few seconds of Richard Armitage on the new Hobbit Video Blog:

Peter Jackson has posted a new video blog for The Hobbit on his Facebook page- Click below:

My own caps by the way.

I almost didn't recognize him and then I heard his voice and new without a doubt it was him.  His hair is back to his natural color and so is his beard! Now that I look at his haircut more clearly I see what they've done to make Richard more Thorin-like. We can't really see him clearly as Thorin yet, but looks like maybe they attach some dwarf braids to the sides of his head. They've also shaved/cut his hair so it looks a bit like a receding hairline in the Thorin photos, but now we can see his own natural hairline on top.  Good to know it is his own beard mostly and not a totally fake beard.  Need to look at it a bit more and get used to the new look- LOL

I think he looks tired, no wonder he needed a break, but also looks happy. Still love the beard!  

Now we know also from the video blog that they'll start filming again on September 5.  

Thank you again to Peter Jackson for another wonderful video blog.


  1. I just got home and saw the wonderful video. I too almost didn't recognize him at first. He does look tired but I was so glad to hear he was taking a well deserved 4 week break....wonder what he is doing for the rest of the time off???? :D Speculation will no doubt start in Armitageland...

  2. Hope he had a very well deserved holiday. Well, we know he's working a bit of PR for Captain America now.


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