Monday, August 22, 2016

Happy Birthday and Love, Love, Love to Richard Armitage

Happy Fabulous Forty-Five

Happy Birthday - Feliz Cumple 

Around 11 years ago I first set eyes on him

Richard Armitage as John Thornton
North and South

Richard as Claude Monet 

and then a year or so later, I set eyes on him again - The Impressionists

and then  Robin Hood in 2007

Guy of Gisborne

2007 -2009/2010

Cupid really hit me with his arrow when I watched this interview -  who is this charming, adorable, man I wondered?

Richard Armitage Interview - 2008

Somewhere around there came the Spy of my heart

Richard Armitage as Lucas North 

and people have laughed at me - but I always knew Lucas Lives

and of course - John Porter

and John Proctor

Thank you Digital Theatre


One More Time 



and as I looked back, I remember the first time I added a photo of Richard Armitage to one of my "Granda Moses Style" videos was in 2009. 

Those were really the years, 2009-2010, that I knew I wanted to find other fans, well-wishers, supporters, whatever we individually and collectively want to call ourselves these days.  

I miss those early fandom days. I miss The Hobbit days. Not because I love Richard less, he's now part of my life every day. But I am less connected to the fandom than I felt I was in those times.

I'm looking forward to seeing him on stage in Love,Love,Love. 

Have a Beautiful Birthday 

Richard Crispin Armitage


Thank you for all the enjoyment you bring to my life 

Daniel Miller - Berlin Station

"With love's light wings did I o'er-perch these walls;
For stony limits cannot hold love out,.."

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Stephen Hunter''s Actors Talk About Themselves - Jed Brophy Interview

What a great idea from Stephen Hunter!  Don't miss this informative interview, conversation really, between two friends.  

Stephen interviews Jed Brophy and they both discuss life, work, and family as working actors, and a few memories of working on The Hobbit. If you love acting and actors, watch this video. 

Looking forward to future videos of "Actors Talk About Themselves" from Stephen Hunter. 
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