Sunday, January 1, 2017

David Bowie's Reading List from The Telegraph and My Reading List

The Telegraph has an interesting article today on David Bowie the book lover:

I'm sorry to say I've only read 8 of the books on the list of Bowie's top 100 favorite books. But I'm going to copy the list and keep it with me to see what I can add to my reading (or listening list, I listen to audiobooks on my commute to/from work). 

I hope that if you're reading this post, you'll take a look at the article and look at Bowie's reading list, and add some of them to your reading list.

Of course, I will never live long enough to read all the books that I would like to read or hope to read. I used to read during my lunch hour at work, in the days I had a lunch hour. That's gone out of fashion in the workplace today, having a "lunch hour" so I don't do that anymore.  

My two favorite actors are both readers, book lovers, and over the years I've looked to them and what they're reading, or what they are working on at the moment if based on a book or books, to add to my reading list.  

Richard Armitage wins the prize, since he is not only an avid reader, but a wonderful, amazing, unique, talented narrator (performer). He's also very enthusiastic about sharing with his fans and the public what he's reading, what are his favorites, what he's reading to research a role and also on selecting projects that are related to works of literature, or recently to books about contemporary issues. To see a partial list of what I'm reading or listening to thanks to my Book Guru, Richard Armitage, see the sidebar on my blog. So right now I'm listening to his performance of David Hewson's Romeo & Juliet: A Novel, from Audible.

Sean Bean has also narrated books and continues to do so, but not as many as Richard. (And some are sports related books he's narrated, those really not my genre at all, sorry Sean.)  In part I read less books from Sean because he talks about his reading list less on interviews, also because he's rarely asked. The media sees him as a "hard man" and so can't really stretch their minds to think this is a man that loves books.  Because of Sean I discovered the books of Bernard Cornwell and George RR Martin. I've recently added another author and set of books to read that Sean is reading now and says is his current favorite (Empire Magazine, January 2017 Issue, answering question from his friend Viggo Mortensen),  Berlin Noir by Philip Kerr.  Book, or first book in the series, it is a series I discovered, added to my Audible library. 

What is it with my two men and Berlin? 
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