Monday, May 25, 2015

2015 Audie Awards on May 28


Hamlet, Prince of Denmark: A Novel, a production that takes Shakespeare’s original into unexpected realms and reinvents the traditional story for both new audiences and old. The audiobook is narrated by The Hobbit’s Richard Armitage, who is also a finalist in the “Solo Narration: Male” category for this performance. Hamlet is one of three Audible Studios productions selected as finalists in the “Original Work” category.

  2015 Audie Awards, which honor outstanding audiobooks and other spoken-word performances. Audible finalists feature in 20 different categories. Winners will be announced by the Audio Publishers Association at the Audies Gala on May 28, 2015, in New York 


May 28, 2015

 A bit sad that Richard and Hamlet: A Novel didn't win tonight, but still very happy for them all that they were nominated.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Sean Bean Guest presenter for the IFTAs May 23

Lord of the Rings star Sean Bean has been announced as one of the guest presenters at tomorrow night’s IFTAs.

The annual Irish Film and Television Awards are taking place in Dublin’s Manion House with the A-lister presenting an award.

And Clive Standen is there too:

Friday, May 22, 2015

"What Do Your Five Favorite Characters Say About You?"

From Pajiba:

'It’s kind of interesting what your favorite five says about you."

(I'm restricting it to TV characters - I have too many favorite fictional characters to pick only 5 if I include movies and books too. Sorry Pajiba. So below my five favorite TV characters.) 

Richard Sharpe (Sharpe Series)

John Thornton (North and South)

Morse (John Thaw)

Mrs. Peel  (The Avengers)
Ruth Evershed (Spooks)

What does it say about me??

If you want to do it too, pick your five favorites, here are the rules from Pajiba;

"So, a few ground rules:

1.Your five favorite characters. Fictional characters. I like Ann Richards too. This isn’t that.

2. You will find that five will feel impossible. In a tiebreaker, weigh the RIGHT NOW over the ALL TIME.

3. Now is not the only factor though, otherwise Imperator Furiosa would be on every list.

4. Books, TV, commercials, video games, anything is okay. Is it a Pokemon character? Great! Is it that model in the Sunglass Hut ad that exudes the kind of demure confidence you wish you had? Fine! No points for just plain randomness. Like uhhhh “Tony the Tiger!” Unless he speaks to you on a molecular level, he’s out.

5. Honesty is job 1. If you wish it was Ned Stark but it’s Littlefinger, say Littlefinger. If you wish it was Don Draper but it’s Pete Campbell, say Pete Campbell.

Richard spoiled us today - Red Dragon and Raymond in One Day

First glimpse of the Red Dragon:


Forgive me for my edit of this photo Richard

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Forget Robin Hood - We Need A Guy of Gisborne Movie

Ten versions of Robin Hood in the works by various movie studios, including TV shows!!

No, hear me movie world, what we need is a Guy of Gisborne movie.

Not just any guy, but this Guy:

 And this guy:

Elliott Lester - Interview About Nightingale and Working with David Oyelowo

While we wait for some news on Sleepwalker, directed by Lester and starring Richard Armitage, we can learn more about the director's way of working with his actors from this interesting interview.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

New Project for Richard Armitage - Clearance - Directed by Aku Louhimies and New Spooks Interview from Empire

Thank you to Richard Armitage for letting us know of your exciting new project.

"Clearance tells the story of a hardened mine clearance expert Ray (Armitage) and his pregnant partner (Harris), who are kidnapped in South Sudan by a notorious warlord. To secure their freedom, Ray is forced to cross a vast minefield to retrieve a mysterious case for the warlord. The film is set to begin shooting in South Africa in November." The Hollywood Reporter

And Interview on Empire: Spooks an Oral History with many of the cast including
Richard Armitage:

What a morning!  

In honor of Richard's new film project, my favorite song, from one of my favorite Finnish Mysteries (RAID):

Sunday, May 10, 2015


Memories of my family today on this Mother's Day 2015

Siboney by Ernesto Lecuona

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Richard Armitage Hobbit BOTFA Interview - One I Missed

Can't believe there's a Hobbit BOTFA interview with Richard Armitage that I missed during the PR/Premiere season last year and early this year, but I did.

Another great interview, and just found it this morning. I'm posting here in case someone else missed it too.

I believe Richard is talking about the Battle of Towton:

and anyone that knows Richard's interest in Richard III will understand completely.  

Now of course I have to go and watch this scene again. Hurry up BOTFA EE.

Day 31 Richard Armitage 31 Day Challenge

The Character You Most Relate To

The Free Dictionary
Relate to
to understand, accept, or feel kinship with someone or something.

Of all the 31 Days, this is the most difficult question of all for me. 

I feel a great passion for many of the characters Richard Armitage has created throughout his career so far - and I know this will always be so.  But whether I "relate" to those I feel a great passion for, I've not really always pondered. I have loved the majesty and bravery and mystery of several of his characters, and have fallen in love with them, and yet not necessarily seen myself reflected in them. 

So it was a challenge to answer this last challenge.

The character I relate to the most is...

... in
... nton

Like Thorin and Thornton my life changed in what seemed like a blink of an eye when I was very young, younger than Thornton. 

Like Thorin, my family left everything behind in our own "Lonely Mountain" when our "Smaug" came. We left for the sanctuary of the "Blue Mountains". 


I relate to Thorin taking care and watching over his grandfather. I have been a caregiver and a co-caregiver.

Like Thornton I was raised for part of my childhood (or adolescence in Thornton's case)by a single parent. 

I totally relate to John Thornton and Hannah Thornton relying on each other to survive in a world that's not always kind. "I think I might say that my only good luck, was to have a mother of such strong will and integrity."

I wander about Thorin's mother? What happened to her? What was she like?  Did he miss her? Was Thrain a single parent?

I relate to Thorin's yearning for the home that only exists in his memory.  

I relate to Thorin's search for his identity, and his desire to finally feel he truly belongs somewhere. 

I relate to Thornton and Thorin's sense of family responsibility to those that came before them, to uphold the honor of the family they came from and belong to. To never forget.

I relate to Thornton's temperament. 

I have no sense of direction like Thorin. 


This ends my Richard Armitage 31 Day Challenge.

Hope you join the challenge.


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