Saturday, June 27, 2020

Audiobook Challenge 2020 - July Audiobook

Listening Books Challenge July Audiobook

An Audiobook About Sport

Sports would be my least favorite book genre.  

If not for this audiobook challenge I would most likely not read a book about sports.  I've watched movies about sports from time to time, but a book,  an audiobook, that's something different.

So to the rescue comes favorite actor Sean Bean.

Yes, OK, they are children's books, but that's about right for me and sports

One of my favorite Sean Bean narrated books, King Arthur an the Knights of the Round Table. is also categorized as a Junior Classic.

I would recommend the tales of King Arthur to young and those young at heart. Really an audiobook for the entire family. 

I've never listened to the two football books that Sean recorded, so now is the perfect time.

I did look for another sports audiobook Sean recorded (picture below), but couldn't find it anywhere, at least in the US.

In closing this post, my favorite Sean Bean sports ad:

Sunday, June 14, 2020

Another Richard Armitage Challenge 2020! Social Distancing Edition #25

Anything you dislike about the fandom?

I dislike the negativity of fandoms.  

It's not as bad with the Armitage fandom as it was with another fandom I was active in years ago. 

I  also dislike it when there is a constant criticism of the "object of our affection". Why are you a fan if you hate everything he says and does?  

In both fandoms I've been active in, I've also experienced negative interactions with fellow fans when I've tried to join in to conversations, on social media and forums especially.  As a result, usually after an incident of this type, I tend to retreat. Fandom is my escape, why put up with this.  Better to keep one's counsel.

I've also had happy interactions with fellow fans through the years. at fan events and social media. Those I always enjoy.  But I'm very cautious even at these moments and ready to pull back and observe.

I know I can also be difficult to interact with in certain circumstances. Again, I'm very cautious and that probably keeps people at a distance. 


There is the positive side of fandom.

There's nothing like the joy of sharing a fan experience with fellow fans.  

You know that others around the world are enjoying the moment in the same way that you are, and better still, you can all communicate with each other and share the experience. That's a positive side of the Armitage fandom, of fandom in general, and the world of the Internet and social media 

The majority of my experience with the Armitage fandom and my fellow Armitage fans has been positive and I enjoy being part of it all.  

 This post concludes the Richard Armitage 
Distraction Challenge 2020.

Thank you Guylty Pleasure for this challenging DistRAction.

Saturday, June 13, 2020

Another Richard Armitage Challenge 2020! Social Distancing Edition #24

New York Premiere of The Hobbit AUJ

If you had the opportunity to meet RA, what would you like to talk to him about? 

An unforgettable moment for me was meeting and talking to (in a group situation) Richard Armitage in 2012.  

If you would like to read all about it you can click HERE.


So if I had the good fortune of meeting RA for a second time, what would I like to talk to him about?

What a difficult question.

Of course in a perfect world I would love to just have a relaxing conversation with him over a cup of coffee, or a glass of wine, about life and wherever else our conversation would lead us to talk about. Two people that could be friends, just talking about life.


If I had a more limited opportunity to meet him and talk to him as longtime fan and favorite actor, maybe over a glass of wine at some opening night party, after we had covered exchanging our thoughts about whatever play or movie he was starring in that I had just seen him in, what would I talk to him about? 

Richard III

Click on link below for info on the photo

I would love to talk to Richard A about his feelings an thoughts about Richard III now and what happened to the plans he had for a series about the real Richard III back in 2006-2007?

Now that he has his own production company, would he go back to this idea of exploring the real Richard III as a TV series or even documentary? Does he feel he's too old to play R3 and would he play the Earl of Warwick then?  

What are his thoughts about playing Warwick?

How about playing Richard in a version of Shakespeare's play? Other actors have played the lead role way into their 50's or even 60's?  I know RA feels the play is not true to the real R3, but Shakespeare plays have been reinterpreted in many ways.  

Could he convince David Hewson to write a Richard III novel that RA could perform/narrate?Would he like to do so?

Has he talked to his father over the years about the plans he once had, and hopefully still has, for a series about Richard III?  

(Richard's father is a Richard III fan)

What can RA supporters do, in a practical way, not a financial way, to help make the Richard III series a reality?  

Saturday, June 6, 2020

Another Richard Armitage Challenge 2020! Social Distancing Edition #23

Your Favorite Piece of Fan Art you Own?

My favorite piece of  Richard Armitage Fan Art I own is this T-shirt of Armitage characters by 

I tried to find a link where the T-shirt could be purchased but I think it no longer exists.

I did find a better view of the cute and adorable artwork on Click link to view all the characters

Friday, June 5, 2020

Audiobook Challenge 2020 - June Audiobook

The June Audiobook selection is supposed to be an audiobook shortlisted for a prize.

However I have two audiobooks I've been waiting for that are coming out in May/June.

It's too early to know if either or both will be shortlisted for a prize. But I have hopes the audiobooks or the narrator may be shortlisted for a prize soon.

Both are narrated by my favorite narrator and Book Guru

Richard Crispin Armitage

Recorded in his Wardrobe

Note:  I have finished listening to The Jane Austen Society and would highly recommend the audiobook for all who love Jane Austen and are familiar with her books or the TV shows and movies based on her books. I hope there is a film, or better yet, a TV series, based on Natalie Jenner's book.  

And also highly recommend for all who love Richard Armitage.
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