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University Study - What it Means to be a Dog or a Cat Person

A report on  about a University of Bristol study on cat and dog people and what it means to identify as one or the other says the following:

"What Your Pet Preference Says About You

As this new evidence emerges, it seems that a person's answer to the question "Are you a dog person or a cat person?" may say a lot about his or her background and personality. Researchers believe it may be that some people naturally mesh better with the characteristics of a dog, and others mesh better with a cat."

If you are a dog person, you may share or be drawn to characteristics common in dogs. Dogs tend to be:


Outgoing?  Well, maybe not,  but "loving, loyal" yes, from all accounts, I would stay definitely "structured" when he's working, and he's more than "personable" he's adorable. 

If you are a cat person, you may share or prefer some of the following characteristics that are common in cats:

Silly antics

He might argue, but I think he shares most cat traits as well!

"Take a moment to think about whether you prefer dogs or cats — and have some fun with it. Do other people in your life share your preference? Now think about what these pet preferences say about you and your loved ones. Now, proclaim yourself a dog person or a cat person — and be proud of it!"

To read the entire article click on link below:

Monday, October 28, 2013

Will Peter Jackson do for Dwarves what he did for Elves in our Imagination?

After the first Hobbit movie, what comes to your mind when someone mentions the dwarves?

Yes, I do see them in a different way, even different from Gimli who was heroic, but who was the "comic foil" for the other members of the Fellowship in Jackson's LOTR films. 

After seeing the first Hobbit film, the dwarves are now my heroes, my champions, my heart and soul. 

From Richard Armitage France 

¡Ay de mí! 

¡Oh! si tú hubieras nacido
en una tierra que existe
lejos, lejos de aquí,
entonces hubieras sabido
por qué estoy siempre triste,
¡ay de mí! ¡ay de mí!

En vano busco consuelo
y bálsamo a mis enojos
cerca, cerca de ti,
porque me hace falta un cielo
aún más azul que tus ojos...
¡Ay de mí! ¡ay de mí!

(Juan Clemente Zenea)

In English Translation:


Oh! if you were born
in a land that exists
far, far from here,
then you would have known
why I'm always sad,
Alas! Alas!

In vain for consolation
and salve to my anger
close, close to you,
because I need a sky
even bluer than your eyes ...
Alas! Alas!

(Video from AUJ Extended Edition thanks to El Fenomeno and RTVE Spain)

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Friday, October 18, 2013

Strike Back Origins Interview on Cinemax - Richard Armitage

What they're calling Strike Back Origins begins on Cinemax October 25. The original and true Strike Back with Richard Armitage starring as John Porter.


Just Richard Armitage Clips

Andrew Lincoln Saves Richard Armitage 

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

LOTR 30 Day Challenge - Question #30: How you got into LOTR?

When I was a teenager The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings books were very popular with many of my fellow students. But I don't remember ever talking about Tolkien in English Lit class here in the US, or even being assigned either book in school. But Tolkien's ideas certainly resonated with the tone of the times. 

Also at the time there were several restaurants and coffee shops in my area that were named after characters in Tolkien's books. I remember they mostly served vegetarian meals or sandwiches with lots of alfalfa sprouts. Though I often frequented places like this with friends, and knew generally what the name "Bilbo Baggins" on the front of the menu referred to, I was still not inspired to read any of Tolkien's work.  I was more of a Bronte Sisters - Jane Austen type of reader. Fantasy was really not my genre. 

Fast forward quite a few years and this comes across my radar one day:

By this time I had been a fan of Sean Bean's for several years. Though I liked other actors, Bean's career was the only one I really followed in great detail. I was thrilled that Sean was cast in this film, especially since he seemed so happy to get the part of Boromir.  I knew about Tolkien from my teenage years, and now I really had an incentive to find out more. So I followed the progress of The Fellowship of the Ring, and Sean's work as Boromir, and what was happening in New Zealand as much as I could in the time before Twitter and Facebook. For me this was mainly through The Compleat Sean Bean website.

It was a thrilling time reading all of the LOTR press and all the interviews with Sean talking about working with Peter Jackson, and Viggo Mortensen, and the rest of the cast.  I well remember an excellent interview on Charlie Rose (a US Public Television program), maybe a two night interview I think, with many of the  LOTR cast.  Sadly Sean was not there, but Peter Jackson and Viggo Mortensen I remember very well.  

From The Charlie Rose Show

I started out being interested in the films because of my love for Sean Bean, but after watching the first film and all the interviews with the rest of the cast, and with Peter Jackson, I fell in love with the LOTR films and the entire cast. 

I remember going to see the first LOTR film, The Fellowship of the Ring, with a friend. To this day she has no idea who Sean Bean is, but I talked her into watching this new action/adventure fantasy film with me. 

We're in the darkened theater watching the movie and suddenly there on screen is Boromir.  He walks towards the Shards of Narsil, picks up part of the broken sword, pricks his finger and says 

"Still Sharp(e)" 

I must have made some strange, loud, strangling, noise at that moment, a gasp maybe, a shout, because my friend leans over to me and in a very worried tone says "Are you OK?" 

Even so, I was still not interested enough in the genre to read The Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit.  

Premiere time for the Lord of the Rings cast

So what finally lead me to read one of Tolkien's books - The Hobbit?

This man:

Richard Armitage

It seems all my men are destined for 

So this concludes the LOTR 30 Day Challenge

Thank you to Sir Doctor of Tardis for the terrific challenge - it has been a fun 30 days

A special "Gracias" to my friend Cassia on FB for keeping the faith, following every day, and sharing my posts on her FB Timeline.

A small musical "Thank you" treat  for Cassia from The Tolkien Ensemble:  Song of Durin

For all who visited and read and commented along the way- Thank you for sharing this journey with me. 

Thanks to The Compleat Sean Bean, The Mighty Bean,, YouTube

Monday, October 14, 2013

LOTR 30 Day Challenge - Question #29: Your LOTR Collection

I love movies.

I don't collect much movie memorabilia.  Wish I could say I don't collect stuff, because I do, just not movie memorabilia.  

My LOTR collection consists of :

The Lord of the Rings: 
The Motion Picture Trilogy
Special Extended DVD Edition

Thorin is guarding my treasured box

You can spend a lifetime watching everything in this special extended DVD collection


 BBC Radio 
The Lord of the Rings: 
The Complete Trilogy 

A dramatization by Brian Sibley and Michael Bakewell that first aired on BBC Radio 4 in 1981. This is a re-edited version of that radio play released in 2002 to take advantage of the popularity of the film trilogy.  Also includes a map of Middle-earth by Christopher Tolkien.

Ian Holm plays Frodo Baggins

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Thorin Revisited in Pictures (Richard Armitage)

Lately we've only been getting new pics of the Elves or of Bard for DOS (The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug) and though I understand, or think I do, the marketing reasons for that, I'm still sad we're getting very little of new Thorin pic these days, or indeed any of the other Dwarves.  

So I thought this Sunday I would revisit Thorin as we first saw him in AUJ and because I love Thorin's hair and Richard Armitage's eyes as Thorin (and as RA!) I would post caps of some of my favorite Thorin moments (hair and eye moments especially)from approximately the first half of the first film (AUJ).  

Hope some of you will enjoy this as well.

Screencaps cropped and sometimes "doctored" by me originally from - not perfect, and I'm sure it will take forever to load all these caps, but moments to remember...
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