Wednesday, October 30, 2013

University Study - What it Means to be a Dog or a Cat Person

A report on  about a University of Bristol study on cat and dog people and what it means to identify as one or the other says the following:

"What Your Pet Preference Says About You

As this new evidence emerges, it seems that a person's answer to the question "Are you a dog person or a cat person?" may say a lot about his or her background and personality. Researchers believe it may be that some people naturally mesh better with the characteristics of a dog, and others mesh better with a cat."

If you are a dog person, you may share or be drawn to characteristics common in dogs. Dogs tend to be:


Outgoing?  Well, maybe not,  but "loving, loyal" yes, from all accounts, I would stay definitely "structured" when he's working, and he's more than "personable" he's adorable. 

If you are a cat person, you may share or prefer some of the following characteristics that are common in cats:

Silly antics

He might argue, but I think he shares most cat traits as well!

"Take a moment to think about whether you prefer dogs or cats — and have some fun with it. Do other people in your life share your preference? Now think about what these pet preferences say about you and your loved ones. Now, proclaim yourself a dog person or a cat person — and be proud of it!"

To read the entire article click on link below:


  1. and what if I am a raccoon person?

    1. mmm...that would be an interesting study Dezz. Raccoon's are resourceful :)

  2. Sooo ... you must be beautiful and poised yet be up to silly antics to be a cat person? ("Beauty is in the eye of the beholder", as they say, so that doesn't really work.) And you can only love dogs if you're loyal and loving? I happen to think I'm both loyal AND loving, yet I find cats easier to understand and to live with, because of their independence.

    Some would probably say that dogs are more suited to extraverts and cats to introverts (very true in my case), but I'm sure there are plenty of both who like the "other" pet, so that doesn't work either. Ahhh the joys of psychological research!

    It should probably be noted that when they talk about "neuroticism", it doesn't mean that all that fit that bill are, y'know, what we'd normally call neurotic. It refers to this: :)

    1. Hi Traxy, thank you for the link about neuroticism, I think I can relate to the reaction to stress. I agree with you about the cat and dog traits they've chosen to highlight, though they do say it's traits we admire, not necessarily share. I also prefer cats by the way :)

  3. I'm not a cat person --- I'm a cat
    :meow: ^_^

    I love their independence. For me, dogs are too demanding and I've no time enough to share with them...

    1. Hello cat! I prefer cats for the same reason you do, but I can see they might be too aloof for some :)

  4. I'm definitely Team Dog, but I have to admit that I do love those crazy cat gifs and vids of felines doing crazy things. That's not to say that dogs don't go a bit nuts sometimes, but cats seem to go gaga, turn around and give you a "the hell you lookin' at?!?" stare ;)
    BTW, if you haven't already, check out
    I never know if I should laugh or feel sorry for the owners!

    1. LOL! I'll have to check out your other site, thanks for the link!!! Richard would love that you're on team dog and that he's not alone!!

  5. The first time I encountered this question if I was a dog or a cat person was when I started studying at the university. I must admit, I doubted the sensibility behind the question and thought the other students wanted to make fun of me. That they wanted to psychologically analyse me with this question I only recognized much later.
    Because my answer was, I am neither one or rather both. I mix well with cats and dogs and they naturally come to me and feel welcome around me. Though being tested and having a rather strong already developed allergy to both, I will never have one myself. I would never be able to part with either, should my allergy break out full force. I like the independence of cats and the fierce defending dogs do for people they like.
    I cherish both their curiosity, their lighthearted attitude, their way of consoling, when they recognize someone is sad, their easy way of getting the undercurrents of a difficult situation.
    I really love both and would never be able to decide between them.

    1. It's interesting that the focus seems to be on the preference of one over the other, and little focus on those that have no preference, or rather, like both. I do think we humans over analyze others, or give too much importance to these differences, rather than focusing on the individual when we meet or get to know someone. It's easier to see people as stereotypes rather than take the time to get to know someone and their uniqueness.

  6. I'm a dog person and I like cats too, but most definetly my biggest love are horses :)

    1. I think we need someone to fund a study of people who prefer horses! What does it mean? :) :) Horses are beautiful.

    2. LOL, Armitage obviously loved at least one horse. :)


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