Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Audiobook Challenge 2021 - September Audiobook

 I'm going to be cheating on my 

SEPTEMBER Listening Books  


 Listen to an Audiobook that is over 24 Hours Long.

Listening Books  Audiobook Listening Challenge 2021:

Why am I cheating?  Because the book I plan to listen to is 23 hours and 13 minutes long. 

Maybe Listening Books will forgive me since I will also be reading books for four (4) separate Zoom Book Clubs this month.  

Below a description of the book from the publisher:

"Now, award-winning historian Ada Ferrer delivers an ambitious and moving chronicle written for a moment that demands a new reckoning with both the island’s past and its relationship with the United States. Spanning more than five centuries, Cuba: An American History provides us with a front-row seat as we witness the evolution of the modern nation, with its dramatic record of conquest and colonization, of slavery and freedom, of independence and revolutions made and unmade.

Along the way, Ferrer explores the sometimes surprising, often troubled intimacy between the two countries, documenting not only the influence of the United States on Cuba but also the many ways the island has been a recurring presence in US affairs. "


As a Cuban-American I've been interested in this book and what Dr. Ada Ferrer, also a Cuban-American, has to say about the joint history of Cuba and the United States. 

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