Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Closing the Audiobook Challenge (Listening Books) for 2021


I haven't kept up with the Listening Book Challenge since September. I've had some health problems and I've been of "low spirits" as a result. 

Here we are in December already and I want to wrap up the Listening Book Challenge for 2021.

I'm still not even halfway through the book I started in September, Cuba: An American History by Ada Ferrer.  I selected it for the "Listen to an Audiobook that is over 24 Hours Long" challenge (even if the book is 23 hours and 13 minutes long).  

I was looking at the Audiobook Listening Challenge list to see if any of the books I also read this year for various book clubs or for myself would fit any of the seven remaining challenges for the year.  

I'll add two from my book club reads:

* Listen to an audiobook featuring an LGBTQ romance:

The Long Call by Ann Cleves, narrated by Ben Aldridge

* Listen to an audiobook featuring a protagonist with a disability:

So Say the Fallen by Stuart Neville,  narrated by Deirdre O'Connell

That leaves four challenges on the list for 2021 unfinished.

I found not having a monthly book assignment to make it more difficult for me to keep up.  Guess I need more structure to my challenges. 

For the other books I listened to for this 2021 challenge, go to the link below:

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