Tuesday, June 19, 2018

New Richard Armitage Fan Challenge Day 10

RA the day I met him (not my photo)

K.  Have you met RA? Where? Have you got a photo to share? and what did you say to him?

Yes, I have met RA, on December 6, 2012. Where?  In New York City, Hobbit AUJ, NY Premiere, AFI Gala Party.

No, sadly I don't have a photo with RA. The invitation said we weren't allowed to take photos, or bring a camera,and I didn't have a smartphone at that time. Yes, believe it or not, I didn't have a smartphone then. 

(I do have a photo from that night of me with two Hobbits, Frodo and Bilbo, but that's for a different fan challenge.)

What did I say to him?  I was there with three other Armitage fans/friends and we talked to Richard as a group.  We had all just seen The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey for the first time.  Richard, if I remember correctly what he said to us, had seen it for the third time that night.  So we talked with him primarily about the movie, and working with Peter Jackson. We talked with him for about 15 minutes.  

I did have two direct interactions with him during our group conversation.  At one point he asked us what had been an emotional moment in the movie for us, and I said "Gollum realizing he had lost "his precious" (the Ring). Richard was so happy I had picked that scene, and he and I discussed the scene with Gollum one-on-one for a few minutes. Then my second one-on-one moment with him came at the end of our group conversation.  When he was leaving us to join the larger party, we were in an alcove in this large party room, as he came by me I said to him " It was a pleasure to meet you".  He stopped, faced me, looked me in the eyes, took my hand in his, and gave it an affectionate squeeze.  Then he left for the larger party room crowd. 

We all agree that night we had a real conversation with him for those fifteen or so minutes. 

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