Thursday, June 28, 2018

New Richard Armitage Fan Challenge Day 19

Last day of the A-Z Richard Armitage Fan Challenge

Y.  Choose a work of art or a song that reminds you of RA?

Difficult to select just one song that reminds me of RA, but if I have to pick one this would be the one (click below):

I made an RA video with the song a few years ago:

Work of art recently has been a portrait of Monet by one of his contemporaries that reminded me of RA as Claude Monet in The Impressionists.

Z.  A character headcanon you have?

I had to look up headcanon.

Even after looking it up I don't know if I understand the term fully.

Now, I don't write fan fiction, or read fan fiction, so that doesn't help me.  

Maybe the fact that I believe Lucas North is still alive and in deep cover on a secret MI-6/MI-5 operation that only he and Harry know about is a headcanon?     

Well, that is the end of the Richard Armitage A-Z Fan Challenge.  Thank you Guylty for creating and starting it.  

It was fun to take a look back to when I first saw Richard Armitage and some reflection on being a fan today. 

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