Thursday, June 21, 2018

New Richard Armitage Fan Challenge Day 12

M.  RA has spoken Russian, French, and German in his roles so far. How good was he and which one was your favorite?

Also, let me say RA spoke a bit of Spanish in the first episode of Berlin Station Season 1. 

Since I don't speak Russian or German, I can't really judge.  I do speak French, but I'm not a native speaker, and I thought he did fine, I could understand him well, and thought he sounded very believable. Especially as someone who as Raymond had lived most of his life outside of France in a a country with a different native language. 

 I will say that a as bi-lingual speaker myself (Spanish/English) for many of us, though we speak our mother tongue, or the language we first learned as a child, the accent is not always exactly the same as someone who has lived to adulthood in their mother country.  I always spoke Spanish at home, but English outside and in school. And living in an area with native Spanish speakers from various countries, my accent when I speak Spanish is not entirely the one of my native country. Some people think I'm originally from Venezuela and not Cuba.  I say this in defense of Daniel Miller and Raymond de Merville and Richard's language/accent skills.

My favorite was Lucas North speaking Russian.  I don't speak or understand Russian, but I loved listening to Lucas speak it.

N.  Which language would you like him to speak in a future role?

I want him to speak English in his own British accent. That's my favorite. 

Or speak English in any and many varied UK accents.  That's always an added treat in all his audiobooks. 

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