Sunday, June 17, 2018

New Richard Armitage Fan Challenge Day 8

H.  How has your attitude to RA changed over your time as a fan?

I have great respect for him as a person, now more than ever.  

When I first became aware of RA I didn't know anything about him, other than I liked him very much as an actor, that I loved the characters he created, and that he was (and is) a gorgeous man. As  I said in an earlier post, I first saw him as John Thornton in North & South, and then bought the DVD to The Impressionists, and next saw him as Guy of Gisborne on BBC America.  During this first phase I knew very little about Richard Armitage the man, and at the time I was OK with that.

But then came this interview (2007 I think)- and it was this interview that made me fall in love with RA the person:

And since then, it has been his interviews, on video, or in print, or on Twitter, or live, that I adore the most.  

Whenever I think I've seen his best interview, another one comes along that becomes my favorite, so he surprises me and interests me every time, year after year.

But I would say this question has several layers, because like any love affair, there is the first euphoria of "falling in love", and if this love is to last, it evolves into a deeper caring and concern for that person.  And that is in many ways similar to what has happened in my long term fandom. 

I also respect his privacy, as I respect everyone's privacy, and I know that I will never fully know this man, my favorite actor.  Despite all the interviews and the Tweets, he's still a mystery, because we don't really know each other. And that is the way it should be.

I did write some time ago about being a fan. Here's the link to that post:

My Two Richards:

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