Monday, December 7, 2009

Why a Blog?

I've wanted to be a writer since my childhood when I wrote children stories in notebooks I still have. They are in a box in one of my closets and have traveled and moved with me from country to country and home to home. I tried, though probably not very hard, since I'm easily discouraged, to become a published writer as I grew up and entered the adult work world. A couple of times I came close, but never close enough to see my words on a printed page. Life and earning a living took me in a very different direction, and after a while I never tried again.

How marvelous then that the new world of the Blog has made it possible for those of us who want to write to do so at will. So why my own Blog now? Maybe because I am at an age when if I don't do it now, I'll never do it. Is it vanity or ego? Yes, there is some of that. I do have other outlets for some of my writing, but not one that is free ranging because it targets no readers, though I hope for some. I am way overextended in my personal and home life, and I have commitments to other things and others as well. Why then take on this other time consuming task? Because I hope it flexes some mental muscles I rarely flex, and because writing for myself, a diary or journal, has always relaxed me. (Yes, I have diaries and journals also in boxes in my closet). Why make it a public journal of sorts? Because I now can, and because of that vanity and ego thing again.

So what will I write about? Anything and everything that strikes my fancy I hope: movies, books, television, art,weather? A warning though, I'm not into personal confessions or controversy, though I probably will write about my life when writing about the amusements or burdens of life.

I'll close my first post here and hope I have an idea for the next. Thanks for reading if you do.

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