Sunday, June 20, 2010

They Had Voices Then

...and they still do...

For my own amusement I thought I would start a series of posts on special voices.

One of the instruments of the actor is their voice. However, in recent times - the last 20 years or so - there's been a move towards a more naturalistic style of acting and the public often seems unaware of the great voices we've enjoyed, and continue to enjoy, in our TV and movie screens.

I like to listen to audiobooks sometimes in my car as I commute to work, and also enjoy poetry readings when I'm in the mood. As a member of the audience, I've noticed that even good actors are often not the best at either of these things, or even in making a dull documentary subject interesting. Having a beautiful and special voice that can move an audience, or keep us interested in a long book, or a lovely poem, is a special gift.

My first post features three actors who I love to listen to: Richard Armitage, Sean Bean, and Alan Rickman. Click on the videos below to hear Armitage and Rickman read poetry, and Bean reading the prologue from a wonderful audiobook:

Thank you for reading and listening...more posts about my favorite voices to follow soon...

Update: has a great interview from Naxos Audiobooks with Richard Armitage, He talks about the audiobook he recently recorded, The Convenient Marriage by Georgette Heyer. Armitage discusses the difference between acting on stage or on film and using only your voice. You can hear the interview HERE.


  1. Beautiful voices make excellent narrators!!

  2. Hi Summer! Lucky for us we get to hear RA's doc narrations and commercials!


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