Sunday, June 12, 2011

How do you get the Ice Pack Job?

So I'm reading a new article about Sean Bean as Ned Stark in Game of Thrones and I come across this:

The series shot in Northern Ireland and Malta. The cast faced everything from rain, wind and mud to 90-degree heat and baking sun. Bean wore ice packs on his back to cool down under costumes heavy with leather and fur.

Of course, every Richard Armitage fan knows that he also wore ice packs as Guy of Gisborne under all that black leather:

So here's my questions to movie producers everywhere:  How do you get a job helping to put ice packs on these guys?  Where do I apply?  Is there an Ice Pack Training Academy? 

Forget pay, I'll work for room and board for the ice pack job for Armitage and Bean.(I'm sure I'll need a room next door to them, in case an emergency costume ice pack was needed in the middle of the night.) I'm a good traveler and I'm sure with a portable freezer I could go anywhere in the world with my ice pack expertise: New Zealand? Belfast? Hungary? London? Sheffield?  You name it, have passport and ice, Will Travel! 

Can you imagine what the work day would be like?  Spending the day changing ice packs for  these two men! Getting to know every detail of their costumes. (Yes, I've suddenly developed an interest in film costume design).  Giving them some tender loving care to make sure they're comfortable at all times. What if someone asked you how your day was like?  Instead of mumbling something about endless paperwork and office politics, you could regale your friends with the fine points of ice pack placement on Richard Armitage and Sean Bean's body!!!!!!!!! 

Film people PLEASE! Hear my call! I just bought a new state-of-the art freezer and am getting my ice pack supply ready, each with finely monogrammed RA or SB on each individual pack, and maybe just a hint of refreshing ice scents.  Maybe some scent of Henderson's Relish for Bean, and Pilsner Urquell for Armitage? 

I'm having a new set of insulated poly-something keep cool luggage especially made for my ice packs and ice pack placement tools. Ice, Ice, Baby...


(Pics thanks to, The Mighty Bean, Google Images, my own caps. Post inspired by comment on TMB)


  1. This post made me laugh out loud!! Great idea. And if you need an assistance, I'll volunteer for the job (e.g. what if they are both working at the same time in opposite sides of the globe? I'll take Armitage and you can have Bean :D ) Another thing you could add - bug repellent ice packs (poor Richard seems to attracts mosquitoes...and if he ever has to work in Canada in the spring or summer months, he'll need a good bug repellent).

  2. @Calexora Sounds like a plan!You can be my assistant, and if Armitage and Bean are working at the same time on opposite ends of the globe we can double-team and you take Armitage and I take Bean :)
    I love the way Richard says "mosquitoes" -LOL Good idea, insect repellent black leather-like RA ice packs!

  3. as if we don't need to wear ice packs to cool ourselves down while watching their hunky hotness on TV :)

  4. Beautiful idea. We have our men covered. Whether it be tattoos or ice packs, we can provide the services needed in the entertainment industry.

  5. Dezz - what a great idea, a different line of ice packs for all of us to cool down while watching RA and/or SB. I like it.

    Bccmee - Go Team! From Tatts to Ice!

    Thanks everyone for your comments :)

  6. Just read this! In school, when they have you fill out the career survey to point out where you're likely to be happy, they don't have categories like this, but they need to! I was thinking of the Hobbit foot hair stippler in one of the AICN reports. I could do that! I'd quit my job now to go do that, and I actually like my job. But no one told me this was an option! Why did no one tell me this when I was growing up??

  7. @heirsofdurin Hello! So glad to read your comment and thank you. You are so right! No one in school tells you about these great jobs that may be the perfect fit for you, if only you knew about them at an early enough age :) As you can tell, I'm with you my friend, I would be off to NZ in a minute to put some ice packs on Thorin :)


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