Thursday, May 31, 2012

Weekend Bliss: North & South Groupwatch and WETA UK June 1-3

For many of us UK Television fans around the world, this blissful weekend will start tomorrow and continue through Sunday with the North and South Groupwatch on Twitter and Facebook. 

For all the details, time zones, Twitter training, and more, go to Armitage Watch at the link below. I'm planning on participating and adding to the Twitter chatter.

For my fellow Anglophiles in the Washington DC Metro Area more good news awaits this weekend. Starting this Saturday PBS/WETA will launch WETA UK with twenty-four hours of pilots and previews of all the programs that will be on the regular lineup starting on Monday.  

In between watching North and South, doing laundry, and paying bills this weekend, I plan to tune in to my favorite programs on WETA UK.

Of course, I have to highlight one program starring the man who is at the top of this post as John Thornton. Richard Armitage also stars as Guy of Gisborne in BBC's Robin Hood on WETA UK this weekend. Below is a clip of an interview with Armitage talking Gisborne:

For all the news on the WETA UK lineup this weekend, go to Telly Visions at the link below:

Here's the preview of Robin Hood that WETA has been showing on their Programmer's Choice site:

How can I not mention also that this weekend is the start of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrating Queen Elizabeth's 60 years on the throne. For all the news click on the official website link below:


  1. The first night of the N&S group watch was a lot of fun! I only stayed for episodes 1 & 2 and will pick up the rest of the show over the weekend. :)

    1. Hi bccmee! I stayed for all four episodes last night, and may dip in and out during the weekend again for an episode or two. Agree that was so much fun. Thanks to the organizers for all their work.

  2. Fabo, just watched the RH clip and realized it never bothered me to see Robin slap Guy until just this moment. GoG must've grown on me afterall, after not seeing that scene for close to 2yrs:) Proving the truth in "absence makes the heart grow fonder."

    Only 3.5 hrs until GoT finale and then another long wait until S3. Isn't it fortunate that both the actor and drama, that require so much patience on our part, are worth the wait. Enjoy ep 10.

    1. That has to mean Guy finally won you over, and you feel how misunderstood he was in those first few episodes.
      If you're right and absence makes the heart fonder, does this mean we adore RA even more right now!!!!


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