Saturday, January 28, 2012

Some of My 30 Day Richard Armitage Challenge Answers

I've been doing the "30 Day Richard Armitage Challenge" on Facebook and I'm now on Day #11.  Just for fun I thought I would post a few of my answers here once in a while as the 30 days counts down. 

(Speaking of countdowns, The Hobbit starts filming again after February 4, according to several sources, for 100 days. Don't you just love countdowns? Should I have another countdown clock?)

Question #9: A Scene That Made Me Cry

Beware - Spoilers if you haven't seen Spooks Season #9

Question #10:  Your Favorite Character Pics

There are two, maybe three,  pics here that are not Lucas North - can you spot them? 

Question #11: Your Favorite Body Part(s)

The Thirty (30) Day Richard Armitage Challenge on Facebook thanks to Delia la Fanetta and Recycled Vinyl

(Pics for my collages from and Richard Armitage Central)


  1. Ooooh! Really like the collage of fav body parts, Fabo. Richard's a man of many parts and they're all divine:) Not that I've spent much time focusing on any aspect other than his intriguing brain.*cough,cough* haha

    Hope you're enjoying a lovely wkend.
    My best, Ricrar

    1. Ha!Ha! Ricrar!
      Yes, he is the divine Mr. A! His brain is pretty divine as well I agree. Glad you enjoyed the collage ;)

      Hope you're having the same springlike weather we are and enjoying your weekend as well.

  2. Those scenes with Lucas and Ruth are amazing. He's such an enigma right to the end - he's either the gentlest psychopath you've ever met or a really good person having a really bad psychotic break. They make me cry too.

  3. Hi Anonymous

    Thank you for your comments. You made me think of those scenes in a slightly different way, because you're right, Lucas is so gentle with her and don't you feel a true affection between the two characters. Great point you make, not the actions we would expect.

    When I watch the scenes between Richard and Nicola in S9 I really regret the writers didn't write more scenes for just the two of them, because they have great chemistry together, I don't mean Ruth as love interest to Lucas, but as colleagues and friends. He needed someone to partner with on the Grid after Ros.

  4. I find those scenes with Ruth and Lucas/John hard to watch-which I'm sure is a testament to the acting abilities of both Richard Armitage and Nicola Walker.

    Your collage for your favorite character pictures inspired me to do the same! Love it! I'm going to have to give the body part question some thought! ;)

    1. Hi JasRangoon!

      Glad you liked my character collage! Can't wait to see your answer to the body part question.


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