Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Art Appreciation: Richard Armitage and Sean Bean

Coming to the end of a second long week of work at the start of the school year.  So as the work day today came to a close I really needed to indulge in some art appreciation.

Happily my two favorite actors are living works of art. You don't believe me? I offer you some proof below.

        David by Donatello 
                                                Sean Bean

                           David by Michelangelo
Richard Armitage



  1. Do you have any recent photos of Sean Bean, please?

  2. Hi Fanny and Kathryn,

    They are both beautiful aren't they?
    Thanks for joining me in art appreciation and your comments.

    Kathryn, if you look on the right hand sidebar there's a pic of Sean in a white shirt from this August.
    You can also look at the link below:

  3. Hello! That was just some very high-end (no pun intended) eye candy! Thank you very much Fabo! :)

  4. Hi Phyllys :)

    So happy you enjoyed it!

    Proof that art is never boring.

  5. You are correct...they are two living pieces of artwork and art will never be boring with these two involved.


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