Sunday, October 21, 2012

Thorin and Kili In Your Home! Hobbit Security Service

I think my bedroom is overdue for some redecorating and these "Dwarf Sized" cutouts may be just the special touch I've been looking for.

Uncle Thorin and nephew Kili are obviously ready for action. 

I'm thinking they would also provide extra security for the home. Would a burglar go into your home if they had to face both these intense guys??  I mean dwarves!! 


 A Hobbit Security Service brought to you by Thorin's family

 Image from Heirs of Durin


  1. I like this idea a lot. I wonder if it would help to have Thorin poised in the windows as well.

    1. Thorin at the window with that intense gaze would be the perfect security device, like the idea Servetus.

      Glad you thought Thorin Family security service idea works LOL

  2. Will also give them all something to do after the 3rd Hobbit film. Wouldn't want them to be unemployed.

    1. I suppose that is one positive way to look at it :)


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