Saturday, January 26, 2013

Blink and You'll Miss Him: Richard Armitage in Shakespeare Uncovered (Macbeth)

Was watching Shakespeare Uncovered last night on PBS, the Macbeth episode with host Ethan Hawke, when to my surprise I spot Richard Armitage

Watch about 35 minutes in, Macbeth RSC production 2001, the dinner scene. Several men around a table. He's wearing a uniform and has a beard. At end he exits with other actors. No lines, but you can clearly see him several times. (Wait a bit for video to load)

 Photo thanks to Richard Armitage Central


  1. Replies
    1. Welcome! It was such a sweet surprise to see him.

      Key is to keep eyes on the table at all times, then you can spot him.

  2. Just read your Anne Neville post from March and was happy to see my choice to play her received some votes - Lucy Griffiths. Believe it would be spectacular to see Richard and Lucy together again. their Guy and Marian interpretations certainly oozed with screen chemistry.

    Does that complete major casting for upcoming Richard III? Richard in starring role, Sean Bean as Warwick and Lucy Griffiths as Anne Neville. With casting choices taken care of, those actually promoting the production will have more time for that minor activity - luring financial investors;D *sweet dreams are made of this..*

    1. Richard and Lucy had chemistry together, agree with you.

      As for casting, depends on how many characters are kept in, and how many are not! How about R3's two brothers?


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