Friday, March 29, 2019

Auf Wiedersehen Berlin Station

Berlin Station was cancelled after three seasons:

For me it wasn't as as sad as it could have been.  I had said "adios" to Berlin Station already, after they killed  Daniel Miller (Richard Armitage) at the end of Season 3.  

I started watching Berlin Station because of Richard Armitage, so once I knew he wouldn't return for a Season 4, I wasn't as interested in paying the extra for a subscription to Epix.

I am one of those viewers that liked Berlin Station.  I liked the complicated plot twists and blind alleys. I loved all the great Berlin locations.  But I didn't like that Richard's character, Daniel Miller, was an underdeveloped character.

In many ways, and not just because of what happened to Daniel Miller, Berlin Station lost its way in Season 3. 

The mystery of Berlin Station is how did a series with an excellent cast never quite live up to it's promise.  It was a good series, a solid spy series.  But it could have been an excellent and groundbreaking series. 

I read/listened to several of Olen Steinhauer's books.  I didn't care as much for All the Old Knives, but I loved his Yalta Boulevard books series, and still think it would make an excellent series. But caution to the producers, just don't hire the writers from Berlin Station if you do make the books into a series.  But now I really don't have any desire to read any more of Mr. Steinhauer's books. 

It was a treat of course to watch Richard Armitage again in a regular series.  I cared for Daniel Miller, but his story as the lead character could have been so much more intriguing for us to watch and for Richard to play if only they had hired better writers.  

I greatly enjoyed all of Richard's interviews related to his series, and the times he shared Berlin and Budapest, and other locations with us on Twitter and Instagram.  

Daniel (RA) and Esther (Mina Tander) will always be one of my favorite TV couples. 

Michelle Forbes, I was already a fan since her Star Trek days.  And I also already knew Rhys Ifans, Ashley Judd, Tamlyn Tomita, Caroline Goodall, and others. I will miss them all.  I had never watched Richard Jenkins before, though of course I knew about him. And I enjoyed watching for the first time KeKe Palmer, Ismael Cruz Cordoba, Brandon Spink, and many others. 

I'm also grateful that the series introduced me to wonderful European actors that I have since watched in other TV series, mostly on MHZ Choice.  I'm now a fan of them all (see link below):

I'll have a separate post soon about some great shows you can watch on MHZ Choice with some of my favorite European actors from Berlin Station.

I do have a very special mention to a wonderful actor and lovely man, Leland Orser.  Especially in this last Season 3 he became the soul of Berlin Station for all the fans of the series. I wasn't really a member of the "WhiteTShirtGang" but I enjoyed following all the tweets, and even tweeted myself sometimes. Yes, I'll miss Robert. 

 I'll continue to follow Leland Orser, and Michelle Forbes, and Sabin Tambrea, and other Berlin Station cast members  on Twitter. 

We'll always have Berlin 😔😎


  1. I wasn't happy either with the way they ended Berlin Station. It almost felt like Spooks revisited. That's another on Richard's projects that didn't end well. He's a great actor and deserved a better ending for his character.

    1. It did feel very much like Spooks in many ways, I agree.


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