Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Happy Birthday Dear Sean Bean

Happy Birthday Sean

How long can you be a fan? How long can you be a fan of someone you've never met? I don't know the answer for everyone, but for me, on Sean Bean's 54th birthday, it will be 24 years of fandom. 

I've never worked in the same place, or lived in the same apartment/house, for that long. Yet I've been a fan of Sean Bean's for all those years, and at times it seems only yesterday I first saw him on screen, in that small townhouse movie theater that no longer exists.  

I could not have guessed at that moment that it would last this long.  Looking back I can't believe Sean and I were that young once. He's aged well like fine wine, much better than I have I can confess.

Like all human beings our real lives have had their ups and downs.  For me his private life is his own business. I respect him for being his own man and not going Hollywood. I've never met, or even glimpsed Sean Bean in real life, and I sometimes wonder if we would even like each other. But our "relationship" as fan and admired actor is tried and true. 

Has it always been happy times, this fan relationship I have with this man? The answer is no, it hasn't been all fun. It has brought me great joy at times, and I've met very interesting people because of it, many who have only connected with my life for a blink of time, but what an unforgettable blink of time. Because of Sean Bean I've dared some things I would never have dared without him, and I'm grateful for that. But it has also brought me unhappiness at times. Not because of him, but because of me and what was going on in my life and heart at certain times. Through it all Sean Bean has been true to me, because whenever I've seen him on the big screen, or small screen, or laptop screen, I've always been moved by his performance. 

Have they always been wonderful cinematic and TV experiences?  Truthfully they haven't all been. I've seen some movies and TV shows I would never have watched except to see him. I've fast forwarded through several films and shows and watched just his moments. Some films and shows might have disappointed me, but Sean Bean, the actor, never has. That is the truth of all actor's careers - you have to take the good with the bad. As a fan, I enjoy the good, and accept the bad.   

Ah, but some roles can be magical: Mellors, Lovelace, Boromir, Ned Stark...and so many more. 

Then there's Richard Sharpe!  Sean's Sharpe for me is a separate entity from the actor and my "love affair" with Sharpe has also had its peaks and valleys.  But like all first fantasy loves, never to be equaled. 

I'm very happy that this year Sean Bean the actor is finally being recognized. Recently he won the prestigious Royal Television Society award for Best Actor in Accused and he's nominated for a BAFTA this year for  Television Leading Actor also for Accused.

Happy Birthday Dear Sean Bean - Have a Wonderful Day

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Remembering Brian Bean


  1. Happy 54th birthday Sean!
    Happy 24th anniversary Fabo!


    1. Thank you lovely Cassia - for both Sean and I :) :)

  2. I became his fan in 1998, the first time I saw him at the film "Anna Karenina", after that I have followed his career. I think he´s a great actor and a very handsome man!
    So happy birthday Sean!!!

    1. Always a treat to share the day with a fellow SB fan. Oh yes, he looked so handsome as Vronsky, looks lovely in uniform.

  3. This is really beautiful and intelligent and captures something I think is really important -- that our ups and downs in relationships with these folks are really about things that are happening with us.

    Congratulations on your 24th and many happy returns!

    1. Dear Servetus - thank you so much for your very kind words, means a great deal to me.

      Yes, I think there is something beyond good looks that attract us to a particular individual,and that makes us at times invest much more emotionally in them than we know. Having gone from more carefree youth to troubled middle-age with SB, my conclusion,though in the midst of the emotions I don't always heed my own advise, is that it has to do with us and not with them. After all, we don't know them, not really, and they certainly don't know us as individuals.

      Thank you! I've enjoyed those 24 years :)


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