Monday, October 28, 2013

Will Peter Jackson do for Dwarves what he did for Elves in our Imagination?

After the first Hobbit movie, what comes to your mind when someone mentions the dwarves?

Yes, I do see them in a different way, even different from Gimli who was heroic, but who was the "comic foil" for the other members of the Fellowship in Jackson's LOTR films. 

After seeing the first Hobbit film, the dwarves are now my heroes, my champions, my heart and soul. 

From Richard Armitage France 

¡Ay de mí! 

¡Oh! si tú hubieras nacido
en una tierra que existe
lejos, lejos de aquí,
entonces hubieras sabido
por qué estoy siempre triste,
¡ay de mí! ¡ay de mí!

En vano busco consuelo
y bálsamo a mis enojos
cerca, cerca de ti,
porque me hace falta un cielo
aún más azul que tus ojos...
¡Ay de mí! ¡ay de mí!

(Juan Clemente Zenea)

In English Translation:


Oh! if you were born
in a land that exists
far, far from here,
then you would have known
why I'm always sad,
Alas! Alas!

In vain for consolation
and salve to my anger
close, close to you,
because I need a sky
even bluer than your eyes ...
Alas! Alas!

(Video from AUJ Extended Edition thanks to El Fenomeno and RTVE Spain)


  1. I think I'm too invested in a certain dwarf to be able to see the elves differently ...

    1. Well, I'm really more interested in having people see the dwarves differently, I'm not that interested in the elves. But I wasn't during LOTR either, except for Elrond who I still like, maybe because he has other ancestry. I prefer the Middle-earth dwarves myself, I feel a kinship with them. their story is my story in many ways. Will people see them differently after The Hobbit, I don't really know.

    2. I mean their story of exile- it's one others can identify with.


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